Infallible remedies to eliminate period blood stains

Infallible remedies to eliminate period blood stains

Period blood stains are one of the most difficult to remove from fabrics and are also one of the most common, especially on sheets. Of course, something that should not be done is to let this type of stain impregnate the fabrics, since the more time passes, the more complicated it will be to remove it.

The ideal is to put the sheet in water right away, although it is not always possible. And always use cold water, never hot, because hot water can have the opposite effect on the fabric, that is, the stain adheres more to it.

For this same reason, once the stain has been washed and removed, the ideal is to dry the sheet in the sun or in the open air and not put it in the dryer, because if there is any residue or ring left, it will be fixed more with the heat. But since it is not always possible to rinse the sheet after staining it, we are going to give you some infallible home remedies to remove blood stains from the sheets, once they are dry.

8 remedies to remove period blood stains 

To soak

When you realize that you have crushed the sheets as a rule , the first thing you have to do is remove them and put them in a basin with water. Leave them submerged for a few hours, or overnight if necessary. In this way, the water will help soften the dried blood. 

With your usual detergent

Mix a little of the detergent you normally use with water and apply it directly to the stain. Put it with the help of a soft string brush, and with small touches on the area. You should wait a few minutes and then remove any leftover debris with a damp sponge or towel without rubbing. 


Apply ammonia diluted in cold water on the stain and let the mixture act for an hour. Then wash the sheets as normal. Be careful with colored sheets because ammonia can slightly fade them. Do the test first in a corner, this way you will avoid scares.


Put a little bit of toothpaste on the stain and let it dry. Then rinse with cold water and wash normally. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary.


Vinegar can also be a great ally for any stain, including period stains. You must fill a bowl with white vinegar, and then submerge the area of ​​​​the stain on the garment or sheet in question in it. Wait about 30 minutes for the vinegar to work, and then wash the sheet as normal in your washing machine. 

Sodium bicarbonate

To use baking soda , the first thing you should do is moisten the stain with a little cold water, and then make a paste with water and baking soda. Afterwards, rub the stain with the paste you have made and let it dry in the sun. Remove the remains with a brush, and wash normally. 

Salt and dishwashing soap

To use this method, the first thing you should do is wet the stain to moisten it a little. Next, apply a salt – based mixture and your usual dishwashing soap. In this sense, the shampoo would also be worth it. Wait a few minutes, then rinse the stain. 


It may sound a bit dirty, but applying a little saliva on a blood stain works perfectly. This is because the enzymes that are in the saliva and that help digestion, are also in charge of breaking down the proteins present in the blood and that cause it to be so complicated to eliminate from the tissues. Of course, this works for small stains … For larger stains, better use one of the tricks above.