“Is That Even Allowed?” – 18 Legal Things People Want to Criminalize

Oh boy, we’ve got a list that’ll make you go, “Really? That’s allowed?” These things are currently on the up-and-up according to the law, but some folks want to wave them goodbye faster than you can say “scandalous.” Whether it’s random popups on your screen or those bright-as-a-star headlights, we’ve got a list of 18 things people want to nix, veto, banish—whatever word you want to use!  

Why Do Telemarketers Always Call at Dinner?

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  Picture this: you’re about to dive into your grandma’s secret spaghetti recipe, and your phone buzzes. Who could it be? Surprise, it’s someone trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner! Telemarketers usually have the privilege of calling you unsolicited, trying to pitch products or services. People argue that these calls should be banned because they are super intrusive.   

Public Speakerphone Users, the Coffee Shop’s Worst Nightmare

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  Ah, the delightful symphony of clinking cups, brewing coffee, and someone’s loud conversation about their cousin’s wedding drama. It’s like the opera nobody ever wanted to attend. Public speakerphone usage is annoying and kind of like an invasion of everyone else’s space. It can ruin the cozy ambiance of a café or disrupt a quiet bus ride.   

Let’s Talk about That Unflushed Toilet

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  Walking into a public restroom can be more horrifying than walking into a spider web. Leaving behind unflushed waste is a massive health risk. It exposes others to bacteria and makes public restrooms an even less pleasant experience. Folks want to make this a punishable offense to keep public spaces clean and to not ruin everyone’s day.  

Are Your Gadgets Designed to Fail?

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  You’ve probably noticed that your brand-new phone or laptop loses its ‘brand-new’ vibe incredibly fast. This is known as planned obsolescence. Companies purposely design products to break down after a certain period. Consumers want this practice banned because it’s a huge waste of money and harmful to the environment.  

No More Child Brides, Please

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  Unfortunately, child marriage is still a reality in some parts of the world, including specific pockets in the United States. It’s as backward as trying to rewind a YouTube video. Young girls are married off, often affecting their health, education, and future prospects. People are protesting a ban because kids should worry about homework, not honeymoons.  

The Attack of the Unwanted Popup Ads

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  Just when you thought you’d finally read that article or watch that video, here comes an ad. And, of course, the tiny “X” button might as well be a mirage. These annoying ads can freeze your computer or lead you down a rabbit hole of endless ads. Many people want to banish these electronic intruders for the simple reason that nobody invited them!  

The Great Insurance Pricing Scam

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  So, you and your buddy go to the same doctor for the same check-up but end up with different bills. What gives? Different insurance plans offer different pricing agreements, and it’s about as fair as a rigged carnival game. This frustrates a lot of folks who believe healthcare costs should be transparent and standardized.  

The Credit Score Enigma

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  Good luck understanding your credit score without a degree in rocket science. This number follows you around like your shadow, influencing everything from buying a car to renting an apartment. People want to overhaul this system because it often doesn’t accurately reflect someone’s ability to, you know, actually pay for things.  

The Medicine Cabinet Roulette

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  Ever read the side effects on a medicine bottle? It’s like a twisted game of bingo where nobody wins. Some medicines have a buffet of side effects, including health issues, addiction, and mood swings. People are wary and would prefer these drugs to be banned or at least better regulated. After all, medicine should make you feel better, not worse.  

The Almost Full-Time but Not Really Job

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  Some employers keep their staff just below the full-time threshold to avoid giving benefits like healthcare or paid leave. Imagine being invited to every party but never allowed to eat the cake. Many want to see this practice banned because, in a nutshell, it’s a low blow to hard-working folks.  

The House Flipping, Rent Rocketing Scheme

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  Imagine saving up to buy a house, only to be outbid by someone with no plans to live there. Instead, they’ll rent it out, often inflating rental prices in the process. People want this banned because it’s as if the housing market has become an expensive game of Monopoly, and only a few players are winning.  

The Lighthouse Headlights

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  We’ve all been there. You’re driving at night, and suddenly, it’s like you’re staring into the sun. Overly bright headlights can actually be dangerous, causing temporary blindness and accidents. Many people advocate for a ban, hoping for a return to more considerate and less risky driving practices.  

The Toddlers in Tiaras Issue

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  Child beauty pageants are still a thing. Little kids are dolled up and paraded around in a competition that most people find a bit unsettling. Critics want to ban this practice, arguing that it teaches kids that their worth is tied to their appearance and that making children so competitive from a young age is wrong.  

When Kids Become Clickbait

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  Parents sharing cute photos and funny videos of their children might seem harmless. But using kids for online clout can rob them of their privacy. Many people argue that this should be banned, advocating for a child’s right to a normal, paparazzi-free childhood. They argue that children should have the right to privacy like adults.  

Canceling That Subscription Shouldn’t Require a PhD

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  You try to cancel a subscription, and suddenly, you’re in a labyrinth of confusing menus and hidden buttons. Once you’ve found the right page, you must send off a form explaining why you want your membership canceled. People want this banned because, let’s face it, ending a relationship with a service should be easier than signing up!  

When Insurance Companies Play Doctor

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  Imagine going to the doctor, getting advice, and then your insurance company steps in and says, “Nah, try this instead.” Insurance companies sometimes overrule medical professionals, making healthcare decisions on your behalf. People argue this should be banned because, last time we checked, insurance agents don’t have medical degrees.  

The Stock-Buying Government Official

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  So, you’re a government official, making laws that could affect the stock market, and—oh look—you also own stocks. People want to ban this practice because it’s a conflict of interest bigger than a Hollywood scandal. It undermines public trust and just looks bad. The government should work for the people – not for money.   

Not Enough Minimum Wage

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  Almost every country in the world has some kind of minimum wage set for employees. It’s meant to be enough to allow everyone to have enough money to survive. However, this isn’t always accurate, as the minimum wage is actually below the poverty line in some places. This isn’t fair, and many people want it to be raised to match the poverty line and inflation.

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