Keys to save on the mobile or cell phone bill each month

Keys to save on the mobile or cell phone bill each month

With these times, it is necessary to reduce expenses, and one of the best ways to do it is in our mobile phone bill . If you want to know how to reduce your monthly mobile phone spending , keep reading. In Diario Feminino we tell you the keys to save on cell phone bills . Let’s go there!

Mobile phone: an increasingly expensive indispensable

Perhaps today it would be impossible to imagine life without a mobile . These devices that a few decades ago seemed like a thing of the future, are used today for everything. Communicate on a global scale, reorganize our agenda, make purchases or use it as leisure time are some of the uses we give to cell phones. For this reason, we pay more and more for them and that is also perceived in our telephone bill, which over time has increased its services, thus gradually increasing the cost. Yes, few people would like to do without the mobile phone, but that does not mean that we cannot make small gestures to reduce the monthly cell phone bill a little .

11 infallible tricks to save on the monthly cell phone bill

Saving on mobile phone bills is possible. You just have to know a few tricks and be consistent. Once you start putting these simple tips into practice, you will start to see results. Take note!

1 Hire a suitable rate for your consumption . Check your previous telephone bills and study what your real consumption of mobile phone and internet services is for it. In this way, you will be able to better adjust the rate you contract to your consumption.

2 Compare the different rates of the different companies . Make sure you have the cheapest rate for you.

3 Do not buy a mobile phone if it is not necessary . The consumption of cell phones has exceeded in recent years. Telephone companies encourage us to buy with supposed offers in their rates, which in the end, end up increasing our monthly bill .

4 Unlock your cell phone if you want to use it in another company . It is possible that you have a mobile phone in good condition, but you want to change companies because they have better rates. You can unlock your mobile for a low cost or for free if you have already finished paying for it.

5 Do not exceed the contracted minutes in low-cost calls . In many cases, we contract a plan with low cost calls to certain phones or at certain times. However, these plans usually have a minute per call restriction. When we spend those minutes, the bill increases considerably. One way to control it is by setting an alarm before making the call.

6 Use a prepaid card if you are not a regular telephone user . If you don’t usually make many calls or use your cell phone at home with the Wi-Fi network, it may be better for you to use a prepaid card.

7 Take advantage of the multitude of social networking options to make calls . If possible, wait to make those long calls to friends or family from home, connecting to your Wi-Fi network and a free calling platform, such as Whatsapp, Skype or FaceTime .

8 Control data usage . Many times the bill can increase due to the indiscriminate use of data when using the mobile away from home. There are apps with which you can control this use, even some mobile phones have this option.

9 Plan well the network of contacts with a reduced rate . If in your plan you have the option of having several contacts at a reduced rate, it is important that you include those that you really use to call regularly .

10 Use prepaid cards for international calls . Telephone companies usually have offers for calls abroad at a good price.

11 Take advantage of company offers . Many times there are offers that could considerably reduce the mobile phone bill. If you are aware of the offers of your company and those of the competition, you can get great prices on your rates.