The Debt Avalanche Method: How to Pay Off Debt Fast

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If you want to get out of debt, the debt avalanche is a good way to do that. With the debt avalanche method, you pay off your debts starting with the highest interest rate first. You’ll save on interest and be debt free as quickly as possible. Find out if it’s right for you.

How to Use the Debt Snowball Method to Get Out of Debt

If you’re struggling with credit card bills and other debts, the debt snowball method might be your way out. It’s a strategy for getting out of debt that has you paying off your debts from smallest to largest. You’ll need to commit 100%, though. Find out if it’s right for you.

Navigating Debt: Selecting Your Perfect Repayment Method

Being in debt makes it hard make progress toward your financial goals. If you are having trouble paying off your debts and are looking for some relief, there are a number of debt payoff strategies you can use to get out of debt fast as possible.

How Much House Can I Afford Based on My Salary?

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How much house you can afford depends on your income, expenses, debts, credit history, and savings. Then there are the costs of home ownership, like insurance, property tax, and more. Find out how much house you can afford and what to consider before you go house hunting.

Nearly 80% of U.S. Homes are Unaffordable for Average Americans

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A recent report released by real estate company Redfin suggests that Americans are in the midst of a housing affordability crisis. Nearly 80% of homes put on the market were unaffordable in 2022, which is a sharp increase from the previous year and a historical high.

How to Aggressively Pay Off Debt

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Getting out of debt is not easy. It can be a struggle to keep up with your monthly bills and still make the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards and loans. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get out of debt quickly. Here are some strategies to get debt free fast.