11 Good Money Habits: The Best Money Habits to Start Building

Woman with money thinking

Some of your money habits, good or bad, have probably been ingrained for years. Every time you spend money or make a financial decision, you’re reinforcing a money habit. If you’re struggling financially, build new habits. Learn which habits to adopt to turn your finances around.

Should Relationships Be 50/50 Financially?

Young couples dating

For couples, splitting shared expenses 50-50 seems like the easiest and most fair option. But is it really? If you and your partner don’t make close to the same income, one of you is probably going to find a 50-50 split unfair. Find out how to split expenses fairly.

20 Tips for Buying Vintage on a Budget

Everything was cooler before fast fashion and industrial, flat-pack furniture. There’s just something about vintage fashion, furnishings, and art that hits differently. “But all that … Read more

11 Practical Ways to Reduce Your Fixed Expenses

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Fixed expenses don’t typically change from month to month. That makes them easier to budget for than variable expenses or your discretionary spending, but harder to reduce or eliminate. Your fixed expenses aren’t always as fixed as they seem, however.

12 Practical Tips for Living on a Single Income

Whether you plan to be a single income household or you suddenly find yourself becoming one, you will be faced with some challenges. It is possible to live on one income if you prepare as much as possible and spend money wisely.

The Top 10 Benefits of Frugal Living

frugal living: checking prices before purchase

Being frugal might seem overly restrictive, especially if you’re used to spending without a care and not tracking your expenses. But frugality offers many benefits that can help you live a simpler life and reach your financial goals. Here are the top benefits of frugal living.

17 Money Pits Americans Need to Avoid

Is there an inherent connection between “splurging” and “wasting money”? Over 3,000 comments in an online forum suggest a potential correlation, delving into discussions about … Read more

How to Do a 30 Day No-Spend Challenge

If you’ve been overspending lately or you just want to save some money quickly, a no spend challenge might be just the thing to get your bank balance back up. Use the money you save to pay down debt, start an emergency fund, or make faster progress on one of your financial goals.