More than 20 tricks to save on the water bill every month

More than 20 tricks to save on the water bill every month

Saving a little on our monthly bills is a necessary requirement to maintain a good family economy in almost any home. If in addition, while we do it we help the environment by using fewer natural resources, much better. One way to do this is by saving on your water bill. As we always think of you, we want to help you with it, telling you the best tricks to save on the water bill .

How much water do we spend on average in our home?

Water is too valuable a resource to waste. However, the way we use water at home is helping to deplete this important natural resource, necessary for the subsistence of life.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that global domestic consumption is 50 liters per inhabitant per day (l/inhab.-day). Of course, this is an average figure, because while 40% of human beings have water scarcity, the other 60% use more than necessary due to excessive energy consumption. In general, the rich countries are the ones with the highest figures for water consumption, and within these, cities consume twice as much as in rural areas. The figures denote the differences in consumption around the world. For example, the geographical areas where it is most consumed are North America and Europe. where water consumption amounts to 5,134 and 3,534 l/person-day, respectively. This data contrasts with others, such as those of South America, with a consumption of 1,329 l/inhab.-day, Asia (1,449 l/inhab.-day) or Africa (685 l/inhab.-day). These data include water consumption in agriculture and industry.

If we stick to domestic consumption exclusively, the WHO estimates that a person should use a maximum of 100 liters of water per day (about 5 or 6 buckets of water). However, in most countries, the cost is much higher. For example, in Spain, the daily consumption is 132 liters per day per inhabitant and in Mexico, the chilling figure of 380 liters of water per day per inhabitant. It’s too much, don’t you think?

Tips to save on the water bill

Because we need to be more aware and reduce water consumption , in addition to lowering the water bill a little , we give you some very useful tricks so that your consumption and that of your family decreases day by day (and consequently every month). Take note!

1 Analyze your bill

Look at your water bill, how many liters or m3 do you consume per month? Consider lowering your consumption with these measures and keep track of your water consumption. In this way, you will be able to see your progress since you started monitoring your consumption.

2 Shorter showers

With a shower of only 5 minutes you use around 95 liters of water, so the ideal is that you try to shorten it as much as possible. One trick is to play a song for 2-4 minutes and take a shower during that time. Limiting shower time can save you up to 3,500 liters of water per month.

3Turn off the tap while you wash your hands and teeth

Did you know that if you leave the tap open while you wash your hands for 1 minute, you use about 12 liters of water? Acquiring the habit of closing it continuously helps reduce the water bill and consume less.

4 Do not use the toilet as a garbage can

Every time you flush the toilet, between 6 and 15 liters of water are used. Don’t waste it on a piece of paper you’ve wiped your face with.

5 Collect rainwater

When it rains, put buckets on your terrace or garden to collect as much water as you can. It can be used to clean the floorwash the patio , water the plants , bathe the dogs or use it in the toilet and save you a burden. And if you have an independent house, consider the possibility of installing a more sophisticated water collection system, which can be used to clean floors, put on the washing machine or wash the car .

6 Use the eco or low consumption washing program in your dishwasher

And if possible, fill it completely , taking advantage of every hole before putting it to work. Remember that if you use it right, the dishwasher uses 40% less water than washing by hand.

7 Buy smart appliances

If you are going to buy a dishwasher or a washing machine, buy a smart one, more energy efficient, you will save water and electricity.

8 Efficiently wash dishes

First, soap them all, then drain them, but don’t leave the tap running between plates , since the time it takes to put it in the drainer is wasted water. Also, soak pots and pans before you scrub them to prevent them from sticking together too much and using too much water in the wash.

9 Use shower filters

Shower head diffusers can reduce shower water consumption by 30-70% .

10 Install water aerators or flow reducers on faucets

These also help to reduce water consumption a lot.

11 Check the water facilities and make sure there are no leaks

Check that the taps close properly and there are no leaks. If so, fix the leak or directly change the faucet if it is very old and cannot be fixed.

12 take a shower, don’t take a bath

Showers use 50% less water than baths in bathtubs or tubs.

13 Regulates the toilet tank

Put one or two bottles of water in the toilet, so you will save 2 to 5 liters each time you use it.

14 Collect the shower water

With a clean bucket, collect the clean water from the shower as it heats up . You can even use it to wash the dishes. Put another bucket while you shower to collect the water you can, with it you can clean the floors, it can help you clean the car, bathe the dogs… etc.

15 Use the eco-program of the washing machine

And charge it completely if it does not have a different charge program (medium or low charge).

16 Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl

Never do it under the tap. In this way, you will use the essential water for this purpose.

17 Use plants from the climate you live in in the garden

Native plants are better adapted to the climate, so if you live in a dry climate, they won’t need as much water .

18 Water early in the morning and/or at night

You will need less water to properly water your plants since the heat will not evaporate it .

19 Install a drip irrigation system

Compared to a traditional one, you spend up to 5 times less . If you water with a hose or rubber, make sure there are no leaks. If so, you can repair it with a special tape for this type of material.

20 If you have a pool, cover it when you don’t use it.

This will prevent the water from evaporating due to the heat and you will have to fill it every two to three (in addition to being able to reuse it the following year). In addition, it is important to keep it clean, not only for hygiene reasons, but also because this way you will avoid having to empty it and refill it if it gets dirty.

21 In summer, always have a bottle of cold water in the fridge

This trick is simply to avoid waiting for the water to cool down at the tap . Use a glass or a bottle of water in your house during the day, this way you will avoid washing more glasses or filling the dishwasher beforehand.