Natural air freshener to perfume the house

Natural air freshener to perfume the house

The essential oils of some plants act as air purifiers when they are vaporized and dispersed in the environment, they are the active ingredient of aromatherapy, a practice discovered since ancient times and that is becoming more and more popular among practitioners of so-called Western medicine. , who had no choice but to recognize the virtues of what they themselves baptized as alternative medicine.

It is said that in the Middle Ages it was customary to make bonfires in public squares and throw aromatic plants on the fire to ward off epidemics and that at the beginning of the 16th-century rooms were perfumed with rosemary, lavender, angelica, or mint; in this way, they were impregnated with a soft aroma and also disinfected.

Natural air freshener to perfume the house

Many of these natural aromas are excellent insecticides and purifiers of the environment and any corner of the home is suitable for placing a wicker basket containing a mixture of fragrances, like the one I propose below:

Take rose petals, bay leaves, leaves and eucalyptus flowers, walnut leaves, myrtle, thyme and sage. Also ginger, cinnamon and vanilla, all cut into rather large chunks. Mix them up and put them in a basket outdoors. You can also tie them inside a bag of fine gauze (also silk or muslin) and hang it inside closets and drawers. When you notice that the fragrance is weakening, add a few drops of alcohol or rose essence.

In the pantry, to drive away annoying insectsyou can place bay leaves next to packages of flour, rice or legumes. Naphthalene can be replaced with bags filled with powdered lavender and lemon balm. They are equally effective and their aroma is much more delicate.

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