“Old School Cool”: 18 Things Millennials Agree Boomers Got Right

We all know Boomers and Millennials have their differences. You know, like how Boomers still read newspapers and Millennials are glued to their phones. But lo and behold, they actually agree on a bunch of stuff, too! So, grab some popcorn because we’re diving deep into 18 beliefs that both generations can actually fist-bump about.

Where’s the Off Button on This App-Splosion?

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You see, Boomers grew up in a world where you didn’t need an app to tie your shoes or brew your coffee. They often say life was simpler without a phone that tries to do everything but brush your teeth. Millennials are coming to the same conclusion. As much as they like using apps for convenience, there’s something freeing about not turning every part of life into a swipe or tap. It’s like having a breather in an overstimulated world.  

Durability Is the New Black

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Boomers fondly remember the days when you bought a product that lasted more than five minutes. After buying their third phone charger in a month, millennials are starting to agree. Instead of creating mountains of junk, why not have stuff that lasts? This belief is more than just nostalgia; it’s about valuing quality over disposability.  

When Tipping Becomes a Math Puzzle

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Boomers often argue that tipping should be for good service, not just for breathing and taking up space. Millennials, always up for advocating fair wages, are saying, “Wait a minute, tipping everyone and their dog is getting out of hand.” When gratuity becomes an expectation for even subpar service, it defeats its own purpose. Both generations think this tipping overload needs to cool its jets.  

Don’t Make the Park a Concert

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Playing blaring music in public spaces isn’t cool. It just isn’t. Boomers remember a time when public etiquette was more common, and Millennials are getting tired of the constant noise, too. Both agree that your playlist might be awesome, but it doesn’t mean everyone else wants to hear it on their nature walk.  

The Sensual Pleasure of Real Keyboards

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Typing on a real keyboard has a tactile satisfaction that touchscreens just can’t mimic. Boomers, who transitioned from typewriters to computers, know this firsthand. Millennials, tired of auto-correct disasters and touchscreen fatigue, are nodding in agreement. It’s like realizing that even the best artificial flavors can’t replace real vanilla.  

Blinding Headlights Aren’t Cool

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Headlights are supposed to illuminate the road, not act like mini suns that blind everyone. Boomers get frustrated because it messes with their night vision. Millennials agree because, honestly, no one wants to feel like they’re driving into an alien abduction. Let’s keep the high beams for lonely country roads, shall we?  

Timing Matters in Call Etiquette

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Boomers believe in phone etiquette; it’s not rocket science to know when it’s rude to take a call. Millennials, who are used to constantly multi-tasking, are realizing some things deserve undivided attention. Like, if you’re at a funeral, maybe don’t take that call from your dentist, okay?  

Robots Can’t Share Gossip

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Boomers love the personal touch when doing business. They’ll tell you robots can never replace the neighborly feel of human interaction. Millennials, despite being tech-savvy, admit that sometimes it’s nice to speak to someone who can understand sarcasm or share a laugh – a robot can’t do that!  

Touchscreens in Cars Are Overrated

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Boomers ask, “Why fix what’s not broken?” With car controls, they have a point. Millennials, initially excited about these new touchscreen wonders, are now finding them distracting and unnecessarily complex. When driving, no one wants to solve a touchscreen puzzle just to turn up the air conditioning.  

Smart Devices Aren’t So Smart

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Remember when Boomers said they didn’t want their household devices getting too personal? Millennials second that. Hearing your fridge remind you to buy milk is more creepy than helpful. It’s weird that technology can know so much about us without realizing it! Both generations are calling for boundaries in the smart device invasion.  

Drowning in Subscription Sea

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Boomers are perplexed by how Millennials can juggle 20 different subscriptions for everything from music to toothbrushes. And honestly, Millennials are starting to feel the subscription fatigue, too. It’s a constant juggling act that makes you miss the simpler days of buying what you need when you need it.  

Turn Down the Volume, Barman!

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If you can’t hear the person next to you, the music in the bar is too loud. Boomers were the first to say it, but Millennials echo the sentiment. Sometimes, you actually want to have a conversation without screaming like you’re at a rock concert. Turn the music down and let people have a good old-fashioned conversation.  

TV, Please Lighten Up!

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Boomers and Millennials agree: TV shows are shot so dark these days you can’t tell if you’re watching a drama or a cave exploration documentary. A little brightness never hurt anyone. Both generations want to enjoy the show, not squint at it and try to make out what on Earth is going on.  

Phone Detox Is a Thing

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People being glued to their phones is a pet peeve for Boomers. Millennials are now realizing the value of disconnecting, too. Life’s too short to spend it scrolling through endless feeds and missing out on real-world wonders. We should all take a break and step outside to enjoy the world’s beauty.  

Fast Fashion Fails

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Fast fashion might be the biggest loser here, although brands like Temu and Shein are still making it big. Boomers see it as wasteful, while Millennials view it as bad for the planet and exploitative. There’s a growing consensus for valuing quality clothes that won’t end up in a landfill after one season.   

Old Tunes Rock

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Some Boomers think that music peaked in their youth, and guess what – Millennials are digging the classics, too. Sometimes, a good tune stands the test of time, and both generations are jamming to those hits. They both agree that music was better in their day, although they might not agree on the decade!  

Choice Paralysis Is Real

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A never-ending list of options can be exhausting. Boomers appreciate a simpler time when decisions were less overwhelming. Millennials, faced with the infinite scroll of life choices, are finding wisdom in that sentiment. Having so many choices makes it even more difficult to make a decision, even with simple things.  

Nothing Like Homemade

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Boomers have been saying it for years: homemade food trumps fast food. Millennials, the champions of DIY culture, couldn’t agree more. The taste, the health benefits, and the satisfaction of making something from scratch just can’t be beat. Plus, it’s a lot more rewarding to make things yourself than to buy them.

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