“Traditions Aren’t Always a Good Thing”: 18 Outdated Customs to Reconsider

You know how we often find ourselves stuck in the mud of “it’s tradition,” not really sure why we keep doing things that make zero sense? Well, it’s time for a good old reality check! Here are 18 traditions that could really use a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign slapped onto them. Let’s laugh, let’s cringe, and most importantly, let’s wonder why we haven’t booted these customs out already!

When Funerals Break the Bank

Funeral Homes
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Let’s start with expensive funerals, shall we? You know the drill—someone leaves the earthly plane, and suddenly, everyone’s buying caskets that cost more than a second-hand car. Fancy flowers, intricate gravestones, the whole shebang. Grieving is tough enough without the pressure to make it glamorous. It’s draining emotionally and financially.  

The Weird World of Bullfighting

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Ah, bullfighting. Guys in tight pants and flashy outfits trying to evade an enraged bull. Originally considered an art form, this tradition is alive in some countries. But let’s face it: It’s 2023, not the Middle Ages. The bulls surely don’t want to be a part of this “art,” and frankly, it’s high time to move on to less harmful cultural practices.  

The Overrated British Monarchy

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You’ve heard about the British monarchy, right? The Queen, the princes, and all their grandeur. Sure, they’ve got history and castles, but they’re pretty much ceremonial figures in today’s age. With social issues that need urgent attention, it’s weird that we’re still gushing over royal weddings and babies.  

Marrying Without Meeting? Nope!

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Forced marriages are still a thing, and I can’t even! In some cultures, people are still being forced to marry someone they haven’t chosen themselves. This seriously outdated practice has got to go, as there’s no point in marrying someone if you don’t know anything about them. Sure, sometimes it works out well – but most of the time, it doesn’t!  

The Clock’s Joke on Us—Daylight Savings

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Remember that one time you got up for school and realized you lost an hour of sleep? Yep, that’s daylight savings for you. It was originally for saving energy, but now it just saves us from having a good mood. You spend about 6 months adjusting to the new time; before you know it, it’s time to change the clocks again! Let’s hit snooze on this tradition, shall we?  

Hands Off the Baby Bump, Seriously!

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So you’re at a gathering, and there’s a lady with a baby bump. People swarm around her, touching her belly like it’s a magic crystal ball. Newsflash: Personal space is a thing, folks! A pregnant woman’s belly is not public property. It’s neither an 8-ball to predict the future nor a communal petting zoo. Let’s finally admit how weird and invasive this is and quit it already.  

Newlyweds Don’t Need Your Baby Fever

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Picture this: A couple just says, “I do,” they’re still glowing from their first dance, and bam! Aunt Karen asks, “So when are the kids coming?” Yikes! Can the newlyweds at least unpack their wedding gifts? Maybe try married life briefly before family planning is thrust upon them? Chill out, baby enthusiasts. This nosy tradition should be shown the exit door!  

A Bizarre American Pastime

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In the U.S., you’re expected to tip practically everyone—waitstaff, baristas, hairdressers. The list goes on. Yet, here’s a wild idea: How about businesses pay their staff a living wage so we don’t have to play mini-mathematicians after every meal? Tipping places the burden on the customer, and it’s about time we tipped this tradition into the “no thanks” bin.  

Your Love Doesn’t Need a Pricey Stage

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Ah, the wedding day—a time when otherwise sane people spend as if they’re launching a Hollywood blockbuster. We’ve lost the plot, from over-the-top flower arrangements to bridal gowns that rival the national debt. The day is supposed to be about two people committing to each other, not going bankrupt. Let’s kick this crazy spending habit to the curb!  

Bling-Bling, Is This Love or an Investment?

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So you’ve fallen head over heels in love. Congrats! But who said that love needs a blingy, bank-breaking rock to seal the deal? Traditionally, people spend an absurd amount on engagement rings. Instead of starting a life burdened by debt, how about we focus on what really matters—like, you know, love and compatibility?   

A Shopocalypse We Don’t Need

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Black Friday is the day when folks forget their humanity in the quest for discounted TVs. We rush, we push, we fight, all for what? Deals that often aren’t even that great? Instead of joining this consumer stampede, how about we value our sanity and shop like civilized beings? This frantic tradition needs an “out of stock” sign.  

Animals Are Not Your Entertainment Props

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Performing dolphins, tiny circus cages filled with lions—shockingly, animal exploitation is still seen as fun. These animals have their own lives to live, away from stages and spotlights, where they can enjoy themselves. Why not opt for ethical forms of entertainment and send this outdated custom to extinction?  

The Unofficial Bad Idea

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Planning to get hitched? Great! Planning to lose your mind at a bachelor or bachelorette party beforehand? Hold up. These wild nights often end up in cringe-worthy stories that nobody wants to remember. Isn’t the focus supposed to be on love and starting a new chapter? Let’s retire this weird tradition.  

Show Up Sick, Make Everyone Sick

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Why is going to work while sick a badge of honor? It’s not brave; it’s bonkers. You’re not only putting your health on the line but also turning the office into a germ fest. Whoever thought this was a good idea, we need to rethink your contributions. This tradition is sicker than you are; let’s call in its retirement.  

Enough with the 5-Day Work Grind

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Whoever said working five days a week and getting only the weekend off was a good balance? Spoiler: It’s not. We’re all just a bunch of tired humans counting down to Friday. Flexibility is the future, people. Let’s kick this old-school tradition out and let some fresh air in with a 4 or 3-day work week.  

Taking the First Step Isn’t Just a Guy Thing

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Why should men always initiate everything from conversations to proposals? Ladies, it’s the 21st century; it’s time to make moves! Let’s scrap this old-fashioned rule that puts unnecessary pressure on men and limits women. There shouldn’t be a gender limit on who can be the first one to make a move.  

Your Gym is Not Your Photography Studio

Woman at gym
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Sure, you’re hitting the gym, and you’re proud of your gains. But do we need a daily chronicle? Gyms are for working up a sweat, not for your personal photoshoot. Leave the selfie stick at home, and let’s focus on the real gains—muscles and health. Kick this narcissistic habit to the sideline.  

Celebrity Worship is So Last Season

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Breaking news: A celebrity changed their hairstyle! Who cares? Instead of being glued to every detail of a celeb’s life, why not channel that energy into real-world issues? Celebrities are just like us—only richer and with better stylists. Let’s give this starstruck obsession a reality check and switch our focus.

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