12 Parenting Trends Baffling to Boomers

Raising children is an ever-changing practice as the newer generation challenges the old ways. Here are twelve things today’s parents do that may confuse baby boomers.

1. Online Baby Mania

Mother taking selfie of kid
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With social media taking over, it is becoming commonplace to share the milestones of your little ones. From the first steps to sleepy faces with drool falling down their lips, the obsession with sharing baby photos with friends and family on social media is new and often confusing for older generations.

2. Screen Time Sorrows

Baby watching ipad
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Considering the limited content, unsupervised screen time in the previous decades was alright. The worst thing a child could see was an advertisement for underwear. With the metaverse at our fingertips, millennials have no choice but to hover over their child’s digital consumption.

3. No Playing Outside

Kid playing in computer
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Millennials do wish their children could play outside. However, the concept of neighborhoods has shifted. Due to increasingly different schedules, it is hard for neighbors to connect and have their children play together. During your child’s free time, the neighbor’s kid might be taking a piano lesson.

4. Organic Obsessions

Kid near fruit basket
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Having seen times of industrialization and mass production, boomers may sometimes struggle to grasp millennials’ contrary obsession with organic and natural products. Indeed, these labels can sometimes lead to expensive, unattainable products. However, the goal is safe food and clothing that won’t harm the kids or the planet.

5. Sleep Schedules

Newborn sleeping with mother
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While many boomers may have raised children on flexible sleeping hours, millennials are changing that. Sleep training has apparent benefits for the well-being of the baby. However, the true reason for fixating on this practice is to help the primary caregivers go about their day, knowing that 8 p.m. will be a reliable time to shut themselves down.

6. Delayed Potty Training

Kid putting diaper in bin
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Many millennials seem to be delaying potty training as the urgent need for it has subsided, thanks to affordable diapers. Boomers, who didn’t get such luxury then, are understandably astounded by this delay.

7. Out With the Time Outs

Sad kid talking to mother
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As we learn more about parenting practices, time-outs are an old-fashioned way of disciplining children. This is not to say that children shouldn’t be taught accountability. However, time-outs aren’t the most effective way of achieving this, as children are still learning to manage their emotions and require support from the family.

8. Constant Check-Ins

Baby monitored via CCTV
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In the ’90s, parents going away for a night out meant unsupervised party time for kids. However, now parents can easily monitor every step of their child due to tech advancement and know the happenings in the house even after they are long gone.

9. Wasted Warmth

Baby wrapped in clothes
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Draping babies in heaps of layers due to the fear of cold is understandable. However, the boomer obsession with wrapping the baby in a burrito in mid-July is a contradictory practice as it can cause overheating and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

10. Not Babysitting When Working From Home

Mother work from home
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Many parents today may be privileged to work from home as work practices have evolved since the pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean that the workload has been cut down. Hence, while parents may still be at home, they may require childcare support and decide to hire a nanny or babysitter.

11. Babysitter Hiring Committee

Mother checking in mobile
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Parents want the best carer to look after their kids when they’re not around. While it was difficult to do background checks on nannies in the past, the internet has now made it easy to see if the person you’re hiring has a clean record and is CPR-trained.

12. Parenting Isn’t Permanent

Mother with kids
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Parenting is an ever-evolving concept, leading many millennials to embrace fluidity and learn to be better parents daily. While this may seem like a spineless attribute to those subscribing to stoic, traditional models, such parenting is empowering and healthy for both the caregivers and the child.