Prepare your house for the rain

Prepare your house for the rain

With the arrival of autumn and the first rains, the problems of water leaks, electrical damage, broken pipes and glass, traffic jams and other types of problems and damage that can affect our property also come to our home. In fact, in times of heavy rains, the number of accidents in homes increases by 19%.

The main damages are those derived from the direct and indirect impact of water. Breakage of awnings and blinds due to strong winds are also frequent. It is followed by electrical damage, short circuits and damage caused by fires, explosions and lightning strikes.

Reparalia , a company specializing in the marketing of home care contracts and in the comprehensive management of claims and repairs, gives us the following advice to prevent possible leaks and floods , which could cost almost 1,000 euros in repairs.

Main danger zones and prevention

 -The drains of the terrace and the rainwater boxes. In autumn it is common for the trees to shed their leaves and the wind accumulates plant debris , plastic or garbage in corners and streets. This also happens in homes and the drains of the terraces are superficially clogged, which causes the terrace to puddle causing flooding. Sometimes, leaks or even overflows that can cause the water to reach the living room or the rooms, which could reach a cost of approximately 900 euros depending on the damage caused.

The same happens with the manholes of the sewage systems and evacuation of rainwater. These pieces have to be kept clean since they collect all the rainwater and, if they have accumulated debris, they will most likely end up getting stuck; not to mention the noise and bad smells that will appear as a result. The average cost of unblocking a pipe is around 75 euros.

-The roofs and chimneys. Rooftops are another source of leaks and flooding. The cleaning of the gutters must be monitored, since their clogging can cause water overflows, and the weight of it can cause it to detach, with tiles included, for which an expense of approximately 300 euros would have to be assumed.

Likewise, it is advisable to place a cap that prevents the entry of elements through the chimney and make sure that the windows are well sealed to prevent leaks. The ridges or convergence files of the roof are usually waterproofed with chlorinated rubber paints, but with the temperature differences they end up cracking, so it is advisable to clean up and repaint every two years.

-Hanging elements and outdoor furniture.  Do you have a beautiful dining room or gazebo in your garden ? You better protect it from inclement weather. Not only can the furniture be damaged by the water, the cold or the first hailstorms, but the strong wind can cause a piece to come loose and end up breaking glass or pipes. We advise you to cover them with protectors or plastic.

In rainy seasons, moreover, most of the short circuits are due to the lack of insulation of the electrical installation, so make sure that there are no broken or deteriorated devices that allow water to enter. Also pay special attention if you have terraces or patios equipped with awnings, antennas or appliances.

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