Quarantine: how to organize the pantry if you can’t go shopping for days

Quarantine: how to organize the pantry if you can't go shopping for days

The coronavirus already affects almost every country in the world, and more and more are infected by Covid-19. Quarantine has already been decreed in several countries, what does this mean? Well, you can’t leave home with exceptions, such as going to work if it’s not possible to work from home, taking your dog for a walk, going to the bank, the pharmacy or caring for a person in need.

Among these exceptions is also going out to do the shopping, however, the recommendation is to leave the house the less the better (especially the elderly and/or sick). 

Supermarkets DO NOT close, don’t panic!

Before going into how you should organize your pantry , we must point out something very important: although the state of alarm has been decreed and many establishments have closed , supermarkets and food stores are still open . 

Therefore, there is no need to go shopping compulsively. Moreover, some experts advise avoiding crowds in supermarkets, as they are another source of contagion. The main thing is that we do not panic and that we show solidarity, because if we take as many things home as possible, we will be leaving the people who come after us without products or food. Supermarkets are going to continue restocking and supplies are guaranteed, so you must remain calm!  

How to organize the pantry during quarantine?

 Shopping list

We will start by reviewing the food that we already have at home, we will order it by type of food and by expiration date, then we will make a list of the things that we are missing. If it is difficult for you to make a list for so many days, think of it this way, plan lunches and dinners for the next 15 days and thus you will know what you have at home and what you have to write down on your shopping list .

Perishable food 

As for perishable foods such as meat and fish, the best thing to do is to buy what you usually consume but a little more and use the freezer so that they do not spoil. If you are going to be several days without going out to buy for the coronavirus quarantine, make a purchase a little larger than usual but do not go overboard because you will not have space in your fridge or freezer.

Fruits and vegetables 

Once you have listed these foods, we move on to fruits and vegetables, these cannot be frozen, so organize your pantry to have enough for a week . Remember that they must be seasonal fruits and vegetables and that they must be part of your daily diet, being well fed is essential to prevent viruses and bacteria.


As for preserves, it is good that you have a few such as cans of tuna or mackerel, fried tomato, soup container or even fruit in syrup, but do not make the mistake of eating only these foods because the vast majority have a lot of salt or sugar.

Foods that you should not miss during the coronavirus quarantine

Let’s now see the foods or groups of them that should not be missing in your kitchen to pass a coronavirus quarantine:

To what has already been said about fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, we add pasta, rice and legumes, all of them super basic food groups for a quality weekly diet . On the other hand, you should also prepare foods for breakfast: coffee, milk, tea, soy drink, cereals, toast…

Also check that you do not lack oil such as virgin olive oil, salt and other spices, if you see that you have run out of any, add it to your shopping list. They are products that take time to consume but since it is about having the pantry prepared, it is worth checking if you have everything.

And to take from time to time: sweets, salty, pickles, appetizers and any other treat that is among your favorites and those of your family. You already know that many of them can only be taken once a week because of the sugars and salts they contain, but since it is a quarantine, we can make a small exception and take some more, right?

You can also add ingredients to the list to make homemade sweets such as biscuits or cupcakes or any other recipe that you like, they will be delicious, they will be super healthy because they are made at home and you will also have excellent entertainment to do with the family on those afternoons of boredom.

Also write down cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom that you need. The more organized you have everything, the safer you will feel.

And for when you have to go out to buy…

Going out to do the shopping during the coronavirus quarantine is allowed, however, the authorities recommend stepping on the street the less the better, especially the elderly, people with previous pathologies or who have tested positive for Covid-19, you have to be very careful, so it is not worth going out shopping every day to stretch your legs or get some fresh air, it is better to make homemade plans that also include exercise. What can we do then when we do need to buy something because we have run out? These are the things that experts say we should pay attention to:

Keep in mind that many food stores have a home delivery service, you just have to contact them by phone or through the Internet to place your order and have it sent to your home. In these cases, also have your list ready to know what you are going to order. 

If you decide to go shopping, go ahead, just remember to avoid crowds  (it is best to line up to enter the store in order and in small groups), have your shopping list ready so you don’t spend too much time inside the store and keep the safety distance of at least one and a half meters between person and person.

Also, use disposable gloves when you go to get some food and bring your own shopping bag instead of using the cart. Recent studies have detailed that the coronavirus cannot be contracted through food, but through contact, carrying your own bag, cloth if possible, and using disposable gloves will prevent it. Try to pay by card instead of cash. 

Once you get home from shopping, wash your hands well with soap and water, put your food in the fridge and in the pantry and wash your hands again, we know that it is a bit cumbersome to take so many measures but all of them are necessary .