Cutting Corners? 12 Frugal Tips Women Simply Refuse to Follow

Frugal practices are the bedrock of healthy finances, but many women have considered some penny-wise moves outrageous, disturbing, or outright wrong. Often by how they affect the quality of life or the image they project about their rare adopters, certain how-tos regarding savings have been meted by a strong rebuff, and a community of women on the internet did not hesitate to spell them out.

1. Use One-Ply Toilet Paper

Man holding toilet paper
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Dubbed a frugal practice by some to make toilet paper last longer, one woman says she will never subscribe to the use of one-ply toilet paper in a bid to ramp up savings. A second woman says, “This (one-ply toilet paper) isn’t a good frugal life tip because you just end up using more (longer) paper rather than fewer quality sheets.”

2. Not Flushing To Save Cost

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It’s seemingly unbelievable, but not everyone flushes every time they use the bathroom to keep the water bill down. A participant on the thread says flushing is non-negotiable. Someone else replies sarcastically, “Yup. I can’t stand letting the yellow mellow.”

3. Buying Non-Preferred Menstrual Products

Woman saying no
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Choice menstrual products can define the ease of managing women’s monthly cycle, and many women have said they would never choose inferior products to save some bucks. Women on the thread say the little saving from buying non-preferred menstrual products isn’t worth it.

4. Diluting Shampoo

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Water is added to shampoo to make it last longer by many, but it’s a no-no for these women. One woman claims, “My parents always did those. I’m now happily spoiling myself with not-watered-down things. For me, the little savings aren’t worth it.” A second woman explains that adding water can make the shampoo a bacteria-friendly environment.

5. Buying Only Essentials

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Frugality advocates advise that women buy only what they need, but one says she draws the line on the things she loves or that brings her some joy. Another contributor says people dedicated to only necessities often are a bit cheap or difficult, socially.

6. Going Out Only When It’s Special

Couples outing
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A group of women on the thread believe going out only on special occasions with loved ones is a way of reducing one’s quality of life and that the extra bucks saved are absolutely not worth it.

7. Bulk Cooking

woman making salad in bulk.
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One contributor says she “like to cook fresh every day and doesn’t want to eat the same thing three times a week for the next month,” highlighting her dismay at the culture of bulk cooking to save cost. Many users agree they don’t want to eat the same thing daily.

8. Reusing Ziploc Bags

Phoenix, Arizona, June 15, 2020: Ziploc Sandwich Bags
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While one person argues that reusable Ziploc bags are great, another says she will never buy one. “I don’t know why, but it grosses me out!”

9. Cheap Laundry Detergent or Soap

Close-up woman pouring detergent in a cap with washing machine
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Someone says never again would she settle for cheap detergent or soap. In her words, “Ugh, I am finally finishing up a giant box of Kirkland laundry powder. Worst stuff ever. I cannot wait to return to my preferred Tide even though it’s more than twice the price per load.”

10. Buying Groceries in Bulk

Couples buying oil in bulk
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Someone explains that buying in bulk often saves no dollars. According to her, most bulk purchases expire due to lack of use, especially when you have a small family. A second woman says she learned this the hard way that buying in bulk only sometimes saves cost, takes a lot of storage space, and that things often go bad before she exhausts them.

11. Having a Roommate

judgmental woman
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While this is highly polarized, many commenters consider having a roommate undermining personal freedom. “I live in my own 2-bedroom apartment, and it is luxurious. I could save at least 500 a month if I split rent & utilities with a roomie. I had one awful roommate experience and would rather not risk it again!” One woman explains.

12. Leaving Tags on Clothes

Checking Tags on Clothes
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People leave tags on clothes because they believe they may have to return them one day, but one woman vows she’ll never do this. Another lady who works in a store says she considers it ridiculous, citing an experience where a woman returned an item so old there was no record on their system. She ended up asking, “How cheap can you get?”

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