Recycle to save our environment

Recycle to save our environment

It is estimated that each person generates more than a kilo of garbage per day. If we multiply this unit by the millions of inhabitants and by the 365 days of the year, the figure we obtain can be a sign of excess and waste. The wear suffered by the environment and the scarcity of natural resources that are extracted from it are well known. Becoming aware of this problem and contributing with small gestures through recycling, both used materials and garbage, is something very simple that contributes to saving energy and preventing the planet’s natural resources.

With recycling, we introduce the materials already used and without any use, in the production cycle converted into raw materials again. Thus, adopting this attitude both at work Like at home, it will bring us multiple benefits, and what is more important, we help maintain a sustainable and habitable environment for future generations.

But recycling does not only consist of separating cardboard, glass or plastic, but it is essential to inform other people with whom you live or work about this action, practice recycling in your own home and make everyone responsible family members, take care of taking the materials to the corresponding container and control compliance with the correct recycling. Over time, recycling will become a common task and will be carried out unconsciously, thanks to the total awareness of the subject.

Advantages of recycling

 From an economic point of view, this activity generates more employment in the manufacturing sector, labor is needed to collect the materials and classify them.

.The use of recycled materials in production processes reduces energy consumption while conserving large amounts of natural resources and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill or incineration.

It avoids pollution caused by the handling of virgin materials in the manufacture of products and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that affect global climate change.

Greater social awareness of the excessive exploitation of natural resources and damage to the environment, translates into action policies by governments and companies.