Red wine stains on clothes: remove them forever!

Red wine stains on clothes: remove them forever!

Removing a red wine stain from clothing is not impossible, you just have to take into account the type of garment and also that acting as soon as possible is essential so that the wine dye does not set too much on the fabric. 

One of the greatest pleasures in life is enjoying a good meal accompanied by a good wine. For wine lovers , red is the best option, and it is a pleasure for all the senses. Smell and taste are the senses that come into play when tasting, but the first to come into action is sight.

The color of red wine is one of the determining factors that makes us want to try it. But that color is the cause of more than one headache because, when it comes to removing a possible stain caused by it, more than one has put their hands to their heads or has ended up discarding a garment, tablecloth or napkin. We give you some home methods that work to remove red wine stains from clothes.

10 tips to remove red wine stains from clothes

The white clothes

Perhaps white clothes are the easiest to treat since we will always have bleach left. But if you don’t want to use this product, which is so aggressive with textile fibers, you can also choose to make a mixture of liquid detergent and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts and apply it to the stain. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse and wash.

Salt or talc

Sometimes you are away from home and you cannot take off the garment. In this case, the best solution is to pour salt on the stain until it is covered, but do not leave it too long because it can have the opposite effect, that is, it will fix the stain more. Talc and cornstarch also perform the same absorbent function as salt.

Soda water

Sparkling water is another option to act immediately on the stain and prevent it from sticking to the garment. Mixed with salt it works perfectly (surely, if you are in a restaurant, these two ingredients will have them).

White wine

Soaking the stain with white wine is also a good option since its tannins act against those of the red wine and neutralize them. Dab it on with a damp cloth or sponge and don’t rub or you’ll make it worse.

Sodium bicarbonate

If after the white wine you add a paste based on baking soda and water, the stain will not resist. However, make sure that it always remains moist. Then wash the garment.

White vinegar and detergent

Apply a little white vinegar on the stain. The reason? It works great to remove red and violet tints. Then rub with detergent, and wash as normal. 


Heat a container with milk and place the stained garment in it. Let act until you see that it is disappearing. You can also use it directly on the stain and let it act.

Boiling water

This option is good for less delicate fibers and can be used whenever you don’t have any of the above options on hand. Stretch the garment over a container and pour the water after boiling over it. The stain will disappear with heat. Of course, do not use it with wool or silk or you will load the fabric.

What to do if the stain is dry or more stubborn?

If the wine stain is very dry, you can choose to apply a little bit of shaving foam and crush it on it before washing the garment. It is a very effective trick, and surely the results will surprise you a lot. If this tip doesn’t convince you, you can add a little vodka or any white alcoholic beverage with a higher alcohol content than wine, such as gin. 

On the other hand, if the stain is more stubborn and persists after carrying out the previous options, you should start another process. Mix five parts of water, one of hydrogen peroxide and four of ammonia, and put the garment in it for a few hours. Then rinse and wash normally.