Returns at Carrefour: how to make a change or return products

Returns at Carrefour: how to make a change or return of products

In Carrefour stores and hypermarkets we can find practically everything, from food to bedding or to dress ourselves on a daily basis, through technology and small or large appliances. The more supply there is and the more varied it is, the more doubts we have when it comes to knowing how to proceed to make an exchange or a return , right? Stop looking, you’ve come to the right place! 

Returns (free) in physical Carrefour stores, indications to take into account

Surely you know this section, however, it is worth doing a little review, right? If you want to make a change or a return of an item that you have bought in the stores or on the Carrefour website, for example pajamas that you are not entirely convinced of, you can go to a hypermarket and comfortably carry out your management there.

Show the product to be returned together with the invoice or purchase receipt . You will have to go to the Customer Service desk.

The manager will proceed to make the appropriate checks to ensure that the item is not used and is in the condition in which it was sold.

Then you will make the payment using the same payment method that you used at the time of purchase unless you indicate otherwise.

 You should know that items purchased at Carrefour Market and Express can be returned at any Carrefour Center , whether hyper or supermarket.

Request home collection to make a return of your online purchase

If you have bought something on the official website of the hypermarket and it turns out that you want to return it for whatever reason, you can go to a physical store or request home collection, this last option is the most indicated if it is technology or home appliances . big size.

If you used the Drive or Click & Collect service that the company makes available to customers, in this case you will have to go to a hypermarket.

 First of all you must fill out the  return form that you will find on the web and detail where the reason for the return is indicated .

 Then make an appointment with the carrier. He will come to your home on the day and time indicated. 

Prepare the package to return. To do this, paste the return label or delivery note in a visible place on the box .

Once they receive the package at the Carrefour stores, they will carry out the checks they deem appropriate and they will proceed to refund your money using the same payment method within 15 days .

As for purchases made in brand Supermarkets and Bodegas , the rule is a little different, so you will have to contact Customer Service so they can tell you how to proceed so you can make your return. 

What items can NOT be returned to Carrefour stores

Take a good look, this is what you will NOT be able to return to Carrefour:

Any music, movie or video game items once they have been opened or unsealed.

In the case of computers, electrical appliances, electric skates and hoverboards, the brand reserves the right to check first.

For safety and hygiene reasons, products for personal use such as bedding, underwear, mattresses and pillows cannot be exchanged or returned once they have been opened or removed from their original packaging. The return is only allowed in the case of a factory defect .

Items in the food section can only be returned if they are in poor condition.

Frequently asked questions about returns at Carrefour

Time available to make a change or a return

The term available to all Carrefour brand customers to make a return or an exchange for another product is 60 calendar days from the date of purchase or receipt of the order if it was made through the website. You have plenty of time, no excuses. 

Bazaar items and electronics, company rules

As for this section, all items must be in good condition, the customer must show the receipt or purchase invoice and also not have thrown away packaging, accessories, or instruction manual.

For some household appliance items, the return may take a few days to complete, as you must first go through the Technical Service to check its status. Similarly, the term may not exceed 15 calendar days .

Articles with added value, in this case you have to know…

The return must be complete, if at the time of purchase the item was associated, for example, a gift, the customer must return it, otherwise, the company may refuse to proceed with the exchange or return.

When specific or special promotions in which the cheapest item is given away, as it will appear with a zero amount on the ticket or purchase invoice , what will be done will be to deduct from the total to be returned the price that the item in question would have. be part of a promotion.

Do I have to pay expenses for making a return to Carrefour?

If it is done in Carrefour hypermarkets, no, you do not have to pay any expenses.

With regard to online product returns, if the reason is a manufacturing defect, you will not have to pay anything. For items that are returned at the request of the customer, the associated return costs will have to be paid.

Marketplace returns or products sold by third parties on the Carrefour website

For these cases, the client also has a period of 60 days from the delivery of the order.
The return must be requested on the website in the ‘My orders’ section. You select the item(s) in question and click ‘return’. From there the seller will contact you because each of them is governed by rules when making a return . 

You must bear in mind that returns will not be received for those items that have been custom designed to customer specifications, such as computers or the like.

Regarding the return of large appliances, the authorized Technical Assistance Service must first carry out the verification.

We’re done! Now you know everything you need to make a change or a return in Carrefour’s physical or online stores, it’s a pleasure!