Save on water heating

Save on water heating

One of the great consumers of energy at home is the water heating system, whether it is electric or gas, that is why I propose some measures that will help you optimize this expense in times of crisis.

The greater the difference in temperature between the water stored in the tank and what we need at home, whether for bathing, washing or scrubbing, the greater the energy consumption, which is why it is important to insulate the tank so that it maintains the temperature of the water. as high as possible and thus the cost will be less.

As these tanks are generally outdoors, the water contained in them is at room temperature, and if it is winter, it could even freeze, as happens in rivers and swimming pools.

Save on water heating

The first thing then is to thermally insulate the tank, wrapping it in 2 turns of pressed glass wool felt with 5 cm reinforced aluminum foil. of thickness. Proceed in the same way with the lid and the bottom. The assembly is secured with a tie wire. The felt acts as a barrier against the cold while the metalized aluminum surface refracts the sun’s rays, preventing excess temperatures in summer.

The insulated tank behaves like a thermos to which a solar heater could be connected, even if it is handmade, thanks to which you could take advantage of the sun’s heat to increase the temperature and reduce energy consumption for that purpose.

It is important that you bear in mind that in countries where temperatures reach below zero, it is also necessary to insulate the pipes that are exposed to the elements to avoid clogging due to freezing and even the pipe breaking due to the expansion of ice. Black polyethylene pipe-type ducts should be buried in trenches of about 40 cm. deep.

Another measure could be to organize activities at home in a way that optimizes the use of the heater. That is, turn it on at a time that allows you to use that water simultaneously in the bathroom, scrubbing, and washing. In this way you will not only save energy but also concentrate on housework in a shorter space of time and the rest can be used in matters that give you greater pleasure such as reading, listening to music or simply taking care of your physical appearance.