5 solid reasons to wear glasses to an interview

When you compete for a position against other qualified individuals, every little detail matters during a job interview.

From how you are dressed to how you speak and how you behave. But should you wear glasses to an interview?

You should wear glasses to a job interview because it is proven to increase your chances of getting hired. Studies confirm hiring managers perceive applicants who wear glasses as smarter and more competent.

Moreover, putting them on demonstrates authenticity and self-assurance, qualities that can further enhance your appeal to potential employers.

If you are still wondering about glasses or no glasses for an interview, perhaps here you will find your answer.

I think there is a bit more to this topic based on my findings and personal experience, so let’s take a closer look.

Why you should wear glasses to your job interviews

should i wear glasses to an interview

1. Wearing glasses makes you seem smarter

We can thank pop culture for this stereotype. You know, the smart person in movies and TV shows always wears glasses. Therefore, people naturally associate them with higher intelligence.

2. You may appear more knowledgeable

If wearing glasses makes you seem smarter, then people will assume that you are more knowledgeable. Who doesn’t want to hire staff with a broader knowledge than the general population?

3. You may be seen as more competent

Another assumption we can make is that people who are smarter and more knowledgeable are simply more competent.

It’s no coincidence that the people who have some of the hardest and most demanding professions in the world such as medical doctors and astronauts are also highly intelligent.

This scientific study suggests that people who wear glasses are indeed seen as more competent.

Another great way to appear more competent and prepared would be to bring notes to your interview.

4. You may be perceived as hardworking

Another assumption that your hiring manager might make about you due to the fact that you wear glasses is that you have a very strong work ethic.

They might think that you are somebody who works hard to achieve success. Another great reason for them to hire you.

After all, recruiters judge candidates based on their appearance as well. For example, if you are wearing jeans to an interview that takes place in a corporate environment, you might be seen as unprofessional.

5. You may become more confident

I am not able to find any scientific data that supports this idea. But from what I have experienced, and what other people have reported, wearing a pair can boost your confidence.

One explanation for this suggests that you might like how you look when you put glasses on. You feel more attractive, therefore you act and speak in a more confident way.

Another explanation for this phenomenon is what I call the screen theory. This is something that I personally experienced when I started wearing glasses.

Essentially, they become the screen through which you observe everything. This creates a psychological barrier between you and the rest of the world.

This barrier creates a psychologically safe spot for you “behind the screen” so your feeling of safety is slightly increased. The result is that you feel more confident in your actions.

So put on a pair of fashionable glasses, be confident in yourself, and good luck! Also, a great way to ensure your job interview will go smoothly is to prepare really well for it.

Do glasses help you get hired?

Glasses can help you get hired as you might be perceived by the hiring managers as smarter, more knowledgeable, competent, and hardworking.

However, don’t rely on your stylish glasses frame alone – make sure to bring your A-game to your job interviews.

Frequently asked questions about wearing glasses during job interviews

Should you wear glasses to an online interview?

You can wear them to an online job interview as well to achieve the same effect of being perceived as more intelligent and capable by your interviewers.

What if my glasses reflect glare during an online interview? Could that be distracting?

If they reflect glare during an online interview, it could be distracting. It’s wise to test your appearance on camera beforehand to ensure that reflections don’t cause distractions, and adjust lighting or positioning as needed.

Should I wear glasses even if I don’t need them for vision correction, just for the perceived benefits?

Wearing them solely for the perceived benefits, without needing them for vision correction, is totally acceptable and will not harm your chances of getting hired.