Simple tricks to clean your sneakers without putting them in the washing machine

Simple tricks to clean your sneakers without putting them in the washing machine

You will be with us in that there is no better feeling than wearing new sneakers . One feels that the feet walk alone and even the steps seem firmer and safer. That is, of course, until you get on the bus that takes you to work and the man next door accidentally steps on your new tennis shoes. The tragedy becomes even greater when when you get off you step on shit and, on the way home, it starts to rain and you put your feet in a puddle. You’ve only been in your new sneakers for a day and they already look old. Do not panic! We give you the best tricks to clean your shoes without putting them in the washing machine and get them back to the shine of the first day. 

Clean sneakers with toothpaste

Yes, we know, it may sound like a laugh, but it’s true, with a little toothpaste you can make your old sneakers look like new. This product is perfect, above all, for the sole area, the toe box and the sides. Help yourself with a brush , add a little paste (careful, only white, no green or blue) and rub well. Then, wipe with a cloth to remove any remaining debris and… goal achieved! Recommended method for leather slippers (cloth slippers, refrain). 

The strange relationship between your hair softener and your sneakers 

Do you have a little hair softener left over ? Do not get rid of him, because he can become your best ally to clean your shoes. How? Put a little product on the area you want to clean, rub, remove with a damp cloth and… you’ve got it! Simpler, impossible. 

The power of lemon juice 

Squeeze a lemon into a glass and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Help yourself with a toothbrush and pass the mixture through the sides and the front area of ​​the shoe. Goodbye stains! 


Do you have an eraser handy? Perhaps you no longer use it because you write everything down on your mobile, but it can be very useful when it comes to removing dirt from your old sneakers. You will only have to pass it through the stains, in the same way that you would if you wanted to correct or erase a sentence that you have written wrong on a piece of paper. 

Vinegar clean shoes  

For suede shoes we have an infallible remedy. Forget the water and ditch the vinegar. Extra tip: make sure you always brush them in the same direction. 

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