The correct way to wash towels, are you doing it right?

The correct way to wash towels, are you doing it right?

You get home from work, you take a warm shower and when you leave you dry yourself with a new, fluffy, absorbent and very soft towel . There is no greater pleasure in life than this, right? However, with the passage of time and as we use and wash the towels, they lose quality and this comfortable and delightful moment becomes a daily gesture that does not give us the slightest delight. The towels become rough and are no longer able to absorb water droplets in the same way as before.

This is somewhat frustrating because spending all our salary on buying millions of new towels to always experience this satisfaction is not part of our plans, right? However, what you surely did not know is that there is an infallible trick so that the towels remain impeccable as the first day after using them for a while.

If you make an effort to properly care for your swimwear, you can enjoy silky and irresistible garments for many years. You just have to follow the following tips to wash towels correctly. Are you doing it right? Take note!

Wash towels correctly: Ideal products

Did you know that not all types of products are suitable for washing your towels? Take note of the types of soaps that YES are suitable for it:

1 Conventional detergent: To wash your towels you can use exactly the same detergent that you use to wash your normal clothes. However, be careful, because it is recommended that you use half the standard measurement. Why? Well, because excess detergent is one of the main reasons why towels fade.

2 Mild detergent: If you are going to wash delicate towels, it is better to separate them from the rest of the clothes before putting them in the washing machine. Yes, it is preferable to wash this type of towel alone and with a mild-action detergent (remember to use only half the standard size to better maintain its fabric).

3 Vinegar: A very effective trick to prevent discoloration of the fabric of the towels is to add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent. This product will help you keep your towels for much longer and, in addition, it is also a great help to disinfect. Use vinegar every two washes and you will keep your swimwear away from bacteria!

4 Bleach without chlorine: Did you know that bleach is an ideal product to disinfect and keep your towels looking like new? Of course, if you decide to use bleach, you should use one that does not contain chlorine since this component could cause them to discolor. You can pour a glass directly onto the towels five minutes after you start washing.

5 Avoid fabric softener! Contrary to what many people think, this product is not the most suitable if you want to keep your towels looking like new. Contains chemicals that deteriorate its quality during the wash cycle.

Tricks to take care of towels and keep them looking like new

If you want your swimwear to stay like the first day, there are a series of tips that you should keep in mind. Grab a pen and paper and write down!

6 Temperature : Temperature is one of the most important factors that you should pay special attention to when washing towels at home. Say goodbye to cold water. Towels, regardless of whether they are white or pastel, should be washed in very hot water if you want to keep their color. In the event that your towels have bright colors, it is best to use warm water for proper washing. Only in the event that the towels are very delicate should you use cold water to prevent them from shrinking.

7 Wash separately : As we have already mentioned before and taking into account that the color and material of the towels influence the type of washing that should be used, the most appropriate thing is to separate the towels from the rest of the clothes. In this way you will also prevent your other clothes from ending up full of the typical lint that towels usually release during the wash cycle.

8 Wash the towels once a week : To take care of the towels and keep them in perfect condition, the correct thing is to wash them once a week since their type of fabric and their constant humidity facilitate the proliferation of bacteria and microbes in them. Therefore, to avoid it, it is best to wash them with this frequency. Of course, we must also take into account the type of towel that we are going to wash. Towels or hand towels may not need to be washed as often as a regular towel or bathrobe.

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