The meaning of clutter in the home

The meaning of clutter in the home

Are you one of those who always thinks “tomorrow I’ll clean this” or “tomorrow I’ll order the clothes and papers”, but you never do it? There comes a time when everything accumulates and you end up having the house like a real lion’s den, right? Clutter in the home, like many other areas of life, is a true reflection of our personality. Whatever the reason, we all have some corner of our house turned upside down. Find below that place in your house that you have disorganized and discover the true meaning of clutter in the home. You will hallucinate!

This is what clutter in your house means

Your personality is defined by exactly where you accumulate clutter and dirt in your home:

If you have objects piled up and disordered in the entrance of your house, it means that you are afraid to interact with other people. 

If clutter and disorganization accumulate in the closet, the interpretation is that you have no control over the analysis and management of emotions . 

If you have clutter in your room, it means that you are a person who usually leaves things unfinished and that it is very difficult for you to have a partner or a stable job. 

If the mess is in the kitchen, the message or signal is one of resentment or sentimental fragility. 

If there is clutter on the desk or work area, the message is one of frustration, fear and the need to control all situations. 

If there is disorder behind the doors in your house, the message is fear of not being accepted by others, a feeling of being constantly watched. 

If the clutter is located under the furniture, it means that you pay too much attention to appearances. 

If you have accumulated and disorderly objects in warehouses, it means that you live in the past, continuously leaving aside the present.

If the disorganization is in the garage, the message conveyed is one of fear and inability to meet new challenges.

If the disorder extends to the entire house in general, the message is one of courage, anger, laziness and apathy towards all aspects of life.

If there is accumulated clutter in the hallways in your home, it is interpreted as a fear of communicating, transmitting and manifesting what you want in life. 

If you have clutter and objects accumulated in the room, it means that you are afraid of social rejection.

If the disorder is located in the dining room, it means that you have a feeling of domination by the family and you do not dare to take firm and solid steps to stop this situation.

If the mess is found in your children’s room, it is normal, especially if they are still young, since they have not yet matured and have not gone through the process of knowing what they want in life. However, studies show that children who keep their rooms tidy tend to do better in school. 

If   the objects that you have been accumulating in your house and that have given rise to disorder are broken and you have kept them thinking of repairing them one day, they symbolize broken promises and dreams . If, in addition, these objects are electrical appliances, electronic devices, furniture or crockery and you keep them, for example, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, you transmit a health or wealth problem. 

Different types of clutter in the home

There are two specific types of home clutter that can define your personality:

New clutter: This type of clutter or accumulation indicates that you are trying to do many things at once, that you have lost direction and that you are not focusing your priorities on what you really need to do. This accumulation or new clutter includes stacked clothes, CDs, movies, toys, scattered sports equipment or objects that you have recently used and have not put back in their place. The stress and daily rhythm in which we currently live tend to generate this type of disorder that almost everyone has, to some extent, inside their home. Immediately organizing your home helps you to be a more focused and effective person in your day to day .

Old clutter: This type of clutter or accumulation is made up of all those objects that you have not used in a long period of time and that you have stacked on the board, garage, storage room, cabinets… This clutter refers to old work papers, documents on the computer that you no longer use, magazines from more than 6 months ago or clothes that you have not worn for more than a year. This is a reflection that you are living in the past and you are letting your old ideas and emotions completely flood your present, leaving no room for new people who may enter your life or new opportunities. 

5 things you can do to control clutter in the home

1 First of all, get rid of the big things that you no longer use: This includes that stationary exercise bike that you have not used for years or that giant stuffed animal that your father got for you at a fair and that you have kept since your high school days.

2 Return all the objects that you have borrowed: cd’s, books, clothes, tools…

3 Take ten clothes out of the closet that you haven’t worn in the last year and donate them.

4 Pick-up whatever is on the floor and put it in a basket until you have enough time to put everything back in its place. 

5 Clear your desk, file papers you no longer use, review and organize all the documents you have on your computer. Remember that your attitude is essential to promote the changes you want to make in your life.