Tips to avoid robberies in summer

Tips to avoid robberies in summer

Summer is a fantastic time in every way. To begin with, it is vital to be able to slow down the pace of the working year in order to rest, spend more time with the family , think about the changes that you would like to be able to make from the month of September… However, not everything can be colored pink The majority of Spaniards consider that insecurity and the tendency to robberies in houses and businesses are greater during this time of year. The statistics confirm it.

Tips to avoid theft

What can you do to properly protect your home while you’re on vacation? Here are some simple tips:

1.     First of all, be discreet. In the midst of the euphoria of a trip , many people tell all the neighbors about their absence. The best thing is that few people find out. Thus, no one will know that the house is empty.

2.     before leaving home, spend some time taking care of even the smallest details. Leave all the windows well closed and also the door of the house. In case you live in an apartment located at a high height, it is not necessary to leave the blinds fully lowered but halfway up. But instead, if you live in a low-rise house, it is preferable.

3.     More and more homes have an alarm since in case of theft it is easier to act in time. It is true that it is a luxury that is worth money but it provides peace of mind and a feeling of protection from any stranger. Luckily, there are competitive prices in the market, that is, you just have to compare different companies to choose the one that best suits your pocket and your financial possibilities.

4.     On the other hand, also be very careful not to leave any valuables in an area that is visible from outside the house. Some houses have glass doors, so it’s always easier to see what’s inside.

5.    The ideal is that you leave a key to your house with a person that you completely trust . It can be a neighbor who is waiting to take care of your plants , take the dog for a walk and also collect your letters from the mailbox. It is positive to give life to the home through these simple habits.  

6.     Changing the front door of the house is another viable alternative. When choosing the most effective one, it is better to think in practical terms instead of aesthetic ones.

7.     In summer do not neglect your personal safety either. That is, carry a small bag and place it in front of you to avoid unexpected theft. The less money you carry, the better. On the other hand, avoid carrying your valuable jewelry in your vacation suitcase.

8.    Also be very careful with robberies on the beach. Never commit the imprudence of going to bathe leaving something of value within the reach of anyone. This type of robbery can also occur in the pool. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and think things through before doing them. Of course, once a theft has occurred, the appropriate decision is to report it.

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