Tips to save water at home

Tips to save water at home

Water is one of the natural resources that sees its reserves decrease daily due to overexploitation. Although there are communities in which obtaining a glass of drinking water is part of the daily agony, there are others in which it is lazily wasted.

It is not superfluous then that those of us who know the pleasure that a shower causes or the comfort that opening a tap represents, incorporate measures that lead to savings . Simple modifications to your home are enough that will benefit everyone and also your pocket.

The first thing is to have as many aerators as taps you have at home; a shower head or shower head; a flow reducer; a double flush mechanism; a counterweight for tank; a wrench and a screwdriver. A perlizador is a device that mixes water with air and that replaces the usual filters of the faucets.

Start by looking for help among people who might know something about plumbing , but if it does not appear, do not give up, after all, the matter is not as complicated as it seems. Close the master key that gives way to the water in your house and get to work.

The first task is to replace the filters of the faucets with the aerators that reduce the flow of water and mix it with air. This counteracts losses and generates a soft and uniform jet. Remember that the measures of faucets and aerators must correspond to each other to be able to install them.

Water saving in bathroom and shower

Then you will be able to change the shower heads and shower heads which, just like the paralyzers, reduce the flow of water and increase the pressure without reducing the comfort of the bathroom.

The shower flow reducer is an accessory that is placed in the inner section of the shower, either between the tap and the hose, or between the latter and the shower head.

The shower switch goes between the faucet and the hose. This valve avoids waste because it cuts off the water while we lather up, and also allows you to avoid having to adjust the water temperature again in dual control systems (hot and cold water).

The dual-flush mechanisms for toilet tanks are a little more complicated to install, but their usefulness is worth the effort as it represents considerable water savings. The thing is that the first of these buttons makes a partial flush of about two or three liters with which it is often enough to clean the bathroom, but if this is not the case, then you can activate the double flush that discharges between ten and fifteen liters of water. The expense caused by the acquisition of the new mechanism will be amortized in the following month.

Another device available in the markets is the tank counterweight. It is easily placed in the discharge mechanism and works by gravity when we release the button, this causes the discharge valve to close the outlet again even if the emptying has not been carried out completely.

Finally, if you have a well-kept garden or you like to cultivate your own vegetable garden, install a drip irrigation system, with it you will reduce the amount of water needed to irrigate by up to 90% and you will not run the risk of flooding your plants due to excess .

The rest of the precautions will depend on the habits that you incorporate into your life. It is enough, for example, to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or shave so that this water can have a much more beneficial end.

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