Tips to scare and kill mosquitoes

Tips to scare and kill mosquitoes

Mosquitoes, those eternal companions of man, can become dangerous enemies when, beyond the annoying buzz on hot summer nights, or the allergies of some children to their bites, they transmit diseases such as malaria or yellow fever that undermine entire populations, or as hemorrhagic dengue, which can cause death.

There are many insecticides, but mosquitoes are among the most resistant animals, with an ability to adapt to the environment that surprises even experts. This is why it never hurts to learn homemade tricks that we can use when we go camping or when we share the natural habitat of mosquitoes on a daily basis, that is, in coastal and rural areas.

One of these homemade tricks is to burn cow dung. Of course, first, you must go on an excursion with gloves and a metal tank where you can pour the feces collected on the way.

How to ward off mosquitoes

Later, before nightfall, the time preferred by mosquitoes to go out in search of their prey, he lights a fire in the open air and burns the dung. This will produce a lot of smoke and its smell will drive away mosquitoes. Of course, the smoke is also annoying, but you will have to choose between two evils, the lesser one.

Keep in mind that the fire must be located so that the wind blows the smoke over the house or the place you are trying to rid of mosquitoes, otherwise your work will have been for fun.

Mosquito trap

There is also another trick, less annoying perhaps, but also less contingent. It is a widely used mosquito trap in rural homes in some Asian countries.

To prepare it you need an empty 2-liter plastic bottle, 50 grams of sugar, one gram of yeast, 200 milliliters of water, a thermometer and a sheet of cardboard or black paper.

Cut the bottle where it starts to thin and save the two pieces. Mix the water with the sugar and bring it to a boil. Then, remove it from the heat and wait until the thermometer reads 40 degrees Celsius. Add the yeast and it will start a biochemical reaction that will produce carbon dioxide (CO2), the real secret of this trap.

Place the top of the bottle (without the cap) inside the base as a funnel. Seal the edges with tape or glue so the CO2 only comes out the center.

Wrap the container with the black cardstock or paper to darken the interior, and place the trap in a dark, damp corner. Within a few days you will see the results. It is advisable to renew the liquid inside the bottle every 15 days.

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