Trick to chill drinks in a few minutes

Trick to chill drinks in a few minutes

The daily rush sometimes surprises us with the empty fridge and the sweaty guest waiting in the room for us to arrive with a refreshing drink. That day, if he has not already lived it, you will appreciate having read the trick that he left you below.

Cold drink in minutes

Put water, ice and salt in a bucket, all together, and submerge inside the can you want to cool. The salt acts as a catalyst for the heat exchange that takes place in the tank, the end result of which will be that, in just 5 minutes, the can will have lowered its temperature by approximately 20 degrees.

But there is no magic, what happens is that the ice melts more quickly due to the action of the salt, and in that process it subtracts energy from the water, which accelerates the cooling even more.

It is important that you keep in mind that the trick will be effective as long as the drink you want to cool is in a container that is susceptible to changes in temperature, such as soda cans. Slower would be, for example, in a plastic or glass container.