“Why Don’t We Nuke Them?” and Other Trumpisms That Defined an Era

The political landscape of the 21st century has been notably influenced by the inimitable style of Donald J. Trump. His propensity for direct, off-the-cuff remarks has consistently made headlines, igniting discussions, debates, and even comedic skits. Here’s a more in-depth look at 18 of his most remarkable statements.

On Intelligence: “I’m a Very Stable Genius.”

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This statement was made by Trump in response to criticisms and narratives questioning his cognitive abilities and decision-making processes. The use of the term “stable genius” sparked a flurry of discussions, both on its validity and its implications. Supporters praised his confidence and forthrightness, while opponents took it as an opportunity for satire and critique.


Climate Change View: “It’ll Start Getting Cooler. You Just Watch.”

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As devastating wildfires consumed large parts of California, displacing thousands and wreaking havoc, Trump’s statement came across as a dismissal of the broader scientific consensus on global warming. This prompted a widespread discourse, with environmentalists emphasizing the dangers of climate change denial and the importance of proactive measures.


COVID-19 Insight: “One Day It’s Like a Miracle, It Will Disappear.”

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In the face of a burgeoning global pandemic, Trump’s comment on the coronavirus’s future was viewed as overly optimistic by many. While some hoped for his prediction to be accurate, medical professionals and global health experts stressed the importance of preparedness and proactive measures, rather than waiting for a miracle.


Medical Prowess: “I Said Supposing You Brought the Light Inside the Body, Which You Can Do either Through the Skin or in Some Other Way.”

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When the world was desperately seeking effective treatments for COVID-19, Trump’s unconventional suggestions during a press briefing raised eyebrows. Medical professionals swiftly responded, cautioning the public against misinterpretation and emphasizing the importance of evidence-based treatments.


On Windmills: “They Say the Noise Causes Cancer.”

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With this assertion, Trump added fuel to the debate on renewable energy sources, particularly wind energy. The statement, lacking a cited source, became a point of contention among environmentalists, scientists, and policy-makers, leading to clarifications on the safety and benefits of wind energy.


His Genetics: “My Uncle Was a Great Professor at MIT for Many Years. Dr. John Trump… I Have a Natural Instinct for Science.”

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Highlighting his familial ties to a respected academic, Trump sought to bolster his stance on various scientific topics. The mention of his “natural instinct” became a talking point, with discussions revolving around the importance of expertise versus instinct in policy-making.


About His Daughter: “If Ivanka Weren’t My Daughter, Perhaps I’d Be Dating Her.”

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This remark, made during a light-hearted television interview, ignited controversy. Critics saw it as an unsettling comment, leading to debates about its appropriateness and the broader implications of public figures making such statements.


Conflict Insight: “I Know More About ISIS Than the Generals Do. Believe Me.”

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In the complex arena of international security and terrorism, Trump’s assertion of superior knowledge over military generals was audacious. It highlighted his self-confidence in his ability to handle threats like ISIS and his tendency to challenge established experts in various fields.


Economic Expertise: “Trade Wars Are Good, and Easy to Win.”

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Amid rising global trade tensions, particularly between the U.S. and China, Trump’s statement conveyed his combative approach to international trade. Economists and trade experts delved into discussions about the long-term impacts of trade wars, with many emphasizing the intricacies and potential risks of such conflicts.


Nuclear Understanding: “I Know More About Nuclear Than He [A Past President] Will Ever Know.”

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Trump often stressed his competence on various issues, and nuclear policy was no exception. By comparing himself favorably to previous presidents, he sought to reassure his base about his capability to handle nuclear threats, even as critics questioned his depth of understanding on such a critical issue.


Inauguration Crowd: “It Looked Like a Million and a Half People…”

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The size and scale of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration became an unexpected focal point, sparking debates between his administration and the media. This became emblematic of the ongoing tensions between the Trump White House and mainstream media outlets over matters of fact and representation.


On Exercise: “The Human Body Was Like a Battery, With a Finite Amount of Energy…”

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Beyond politics and policy, Trump’s beliefs about health and fitness revealed a unique perspective. This analogy about the human body’s energy being finite raised eyebrows and offered a glimpse into his personal approach to health and wellness.


Pandemic Strategy: “Why Don’t We Nuke Them [Hurricanes]?”

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Amid the challenges of managing natural disasters, Trump’s alleged proposal to combat hurricanes using nuclear weapons became a global talking point. Experts were quick to highlight the dangers of such a strategy, emphasizing more conventional and tested approaches to disaster management.


Space Knowledge: “Mars (Of Which the Moon Is a Part).”

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This statement caused a stir among astronomers and the public alike. The apparent conflation of Mars and the Moon highlighted the importance of precise communication on scientific matters, especially from influential figures.


Regarding Disinfectants: “And Then I See the Disinfectant Where It Knocks It Out in a Minute…”

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During a tumultuous period of the pandemic, Trump’s comments on potential treatments, including the use of disinfectants, caused alarm. Health agencies globally took swift action to emphasize the dangers of internal use of disinfectants and to underscore the importance of evidence-based treatments.


Historical Facts: “People Don’t Realize, You Know, the Civil War, if You Think About It, Why?”

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Trump’s reflective question about the Civil War spurred debates among historians and educators. The statement underscored the importance of understanding historical events and their implications for contemporary society.


On Loyalty: “I Could Stand in the Middle of Fifth Avenue and Shoot Somebody, and I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters…”

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With this statement, Trump underscored his belief in the unwavering loyalty of his voter base. It illustrated his unique brand of politics, characterized by a deep connection with a segment of the American populace and the polarizing nature of his leadership.


Election Musings: “With Universal Mail-in Voting… 2020 Will Be the Most Inaccurate & Fraudulent Election in History.”

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As the pandemic reshaped electoral processes, including a push for mail-in voting, Trump’s concerns amplified existing fears about potential election fraud. The statement became part of a larger narrative and debate on ensuring electoral transparency and security amidst unprecedented challenges.

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