Ventilate the house, how long is necessary?

Ventilate the house, how long is necessary?

Ventilation at home is something we have constantly heard in our homes and even from our grandmothers, but are we aware of the importance of ventilating the house and the diseases that its absence can cause? How long should we air the rooms of our house? Should the house be ventilated the same time in summer and winter? Where is the balance between ventilation and energy waste? We give you all the keys to good ventilation in your home.

Why should we ventilate the house? 

We spend between 80 and 90 percent of our time indoors, whether in our homes or in our workplaces. In the latter, sometimes, we cannot influence much when it comes to proper ventilation, but we can in our homes, and a well-ventilated house is a healthy house.

There is a direct relationship between certain respiratory diseases and the correct ventilation of the home, but it is also important to regenerate the air to think clearly, sleep better and be more productive. Who doesn’t feel great opening the window and breathing in the fresh morning air? Many people are unaware that the amount of pollutants indoors can be 100 times greater than that outside. What substances accumulate indoors?: 

Suspended particles, such as pollen, dust, mites, animal hair…

Chemical pollutants, such  as CO2, CO, NOx or benzene, from the incomplete combustion of boilers and vehicles, cigarettes, paint or furniture.

Biological agents, such as bacteria, viruses or fungi, that adhere to suspended particles and can cause respiratory diseases.

Currently, Spanish regulations require certain ventilation systems when constructing new buildings to ensure air quality. The problem is that this regulation is very recent, so most buildings do not have adequate ventilation.

Keys to ventilate the house properly

The ideal way to maintain a healthy home is to open the windows every day .

Do it for at least half an hour (it is not a matter of leaving the house like an iceberg in winter).

Preferably, first thing in the morning, because the air pollution is lower and because after all night with the windows closed, the level of CO2 inside is higher.

But, in addition to ventilation, you can also take other measures to avoid these pollutants, for example, carry out proper cleaning, and avoid smoking inside (and also outside) or use ecological paints and natural wood furniture. In fact, if possible, use natural materials in the construction of the house.

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