Your Roadmap to 18 Valuable Thrift Store Finds

Thrift shopping can be akin to a treasure hunt, where you never know what gems you might stumble upon. Not only can thrift stores provide unique, vintage, or hard-to-find items, but they can also be a goldmine for collectors and resellers alike. Here are 18 common thrift store finds that could actually be worth a ton of money.

Sterling Silverware

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Don’t pass by that old silverware set just because it looks tarnished. Sterling silver is often overlooked but can be worth a good amount when polished and appraised. Always look for the hallmark “925” engraved, signifying its authenticity. A complete set in good condition can fetch a small fortune, especially if it comes from a well-known maker.  

Vintage Fabrics

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Vintage fabrics, especially those from well-known designers or unique patterns, can be worth a lot. Even small swatches can be valuable to collectors, designers, or museums. Always check the tags or imprints for designer names or specific era markers. The rarity and condition of the fabric can greatly impact its resale value.  

Mid-Century Pottery

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Keep an eye out for mid-century pottery, especially pieces from known makers like Roseville or McCoy. Their unique designs and vivid colors make them highly sought after by collectors. A single piece in excellent condition can sell for hundreds of dollars, depending on its rarity and desirability.  


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Fiestaware’s bright, vibrant colors have made it a collectible favorite. Older sets or rare colors can fetch a high price, especially if they’re in good condition. Look for markings on the bottom to verify authenticity. Some rare colors or patterns can turn a simple piece of dinnerware into a valuable collector’s item.  

Handmade Quilts

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Handmade quilts, particularly those from specific eras or regions, can be quite valuable. Quilts with intricate designs, vibrant colors, and in excellent condition can command top dollar. Antique quilts can serve as historical artifacts, increasing their value even more.  

Pyrex Cookware

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Vintage Pyrex, especially the ones with classic or rare patterns, can go for high sums. Be sure to inspect them for chips or cracks, which could lower their value significantly. A complete set in a sought-after pattern can often sell for hundreds of dollars.  


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Old typewriters, particularly those from renowned brands like Remington or Underwood, have become collector’s items. The more functional and well-preserved, the higher their potential value. Some vintage typewriters can even fetch up to thousands of dollars at auctions.  

First Edition Books

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First editions, especially those of popular titles or authors, can be quite valuable. Always check the publication details and look for the term “First Edition” or similar phrases. Collectors and bibliophiles are often willing to pay a premium for these rare finds.  

Vinyl Records

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Vintage vinyl records of iconic bands or artists can be valuable, especially if they are in good condition and come with their original cover art. Limited edition releases are particularly sought after. A well-preserved album can sell for hundreds, or even thousands, depending on the artist and rarity.  

Antique Toys

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Old toys made from tin, wood, or cast iron can be worth a lot, especially if they are still in good working condition. Look for vintage brand names or trademarks to assess their potential worth. Some antique toys have even become investment pieces.  

Crystal Glassware

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High-end brands of crystal glassware like Waterford or Baccarat can be worth hundreds, even if you just find a couple of pieces. Look for the brand’s etching or sticker on the bottom. Sets or rare pieces can fetch an even higher price.  

Vintage Luggage

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Old-school, hard-shell luggage from brands like Samsonite or Louis Vuitton can be valuable. These pieces are not just functional but have also become trendy decorative items. Collectors and fashionistas alike may be willing to pay for these vintage pieces.  

Old Maps

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Vintage maps, especially if they are rare or depict areas that have undergone significant changes, can be very valuable to collectors and historians. Highly detailed or hand-drawn maps can sometimes fetch thousands of dollars at auction.  

Comic Books

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Early editions of popular comic book series or those featuring iconic characters’ first appearances can be worth a significant amount. Look for comics in mint or near-mint condition, as this will greatly influence their value.  

Designer Clothing

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Designer items can often be snagged at thrift stores for a fraction of their original price. If you find vintage designer clothes in good condition, they could be resold for a hefty sum. Limited editions or iconic pieces are particularly valuable.  

Sports Memorabilia

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From old baseball cards to signed jerseys, sports memorabilia can go for high prices, especially if you have documentation proving its authenticity. Rarer items connected to big moments in sports history can fetch even more.  

Vintage Electronics

Old IBM PC convertible Computer
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Certain vintage electronics like old Apple computers, Walkmans, or boomboxes can be surprisingly valuable, particularly if they are still in working condition. Functionality, brand name, and rarity are key factors in their resale value.  

Military Memorabilia

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Uniforms, medals, and other military memorabilia can be highly collectible, particularly items that are rare or associated with significant historical events. Some pieces can serve as poignant reminders of world history, making them even more valuable to collectors.

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