10 Delightful Things Kids Naively Believe to Be True

Sometimes, it feels like society forces children to grow up too quickly; some parents even say their children understand the world better than they do. But for that magical window of life, kids make hilariously naive assumptions that become beliefs over time. What kind of things did you take as fact as a child?

1. Nuclear Power Plant Cloud Factories

Nuclear reactor
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The first grownup remembers their daily drive home as they passed nuclear cooling towers, believing they were cloud factories for years. Of course, what kid wouldn’t believe they were cloud factories? Technically, this person was right: some clouds are made in factory towers, just not all.

2. Karma Is Real

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We like to think that bad deeds will come back to haunt whoever committed them and vice-versa. However, one poor kid believed that if they were nice and fair, everyone else in the world would be too. One day, they woke up as adults, soon discovering that mean people exist. One might say we are all afflicted with this presumptuous optimism.

3. Baby Delivery Service

Toddler girl in Santa attire
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A child whose mom was a midwife loved hearing stories about the babies she had delivered at work that week. Her undeveloped, four-year-old brain took the word “deliver” literally and had images of her mom wrapping babies in paper and then posting them to their parents. She even checked local post boxes to look for babies — bless.

4. Don’t Eat the Baby Carrots

Toddler eating raw carrot
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Either this woman was a smart kid or just too cute for words, but she was shocked when her mom served baby carrots on the plate one day. She had images of young carrots being plucked from the ground too early, refusing to put a child vegetable on her fork for many years. She has a point — will baby carrots one day grow into teenage carrots?

5. How Do They Fit Inside the Television?

Friends watching TV
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Like most children, many adults used to believe actors were talking to them from inside the television, like some kind of personalized entertainment. Some even thought they could join characters on their favorite shows if they could work out how to do it — one person had a theory that they could connect the TV cord to their navel. Thankfully, their curiosity never resulted in them attempting the maneuver.

6. Underground Traffic Light Operators

Traffic Light
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The following story involves a kid in traffic with their folks who noticed the lights changing. There could only be one explanation: there must be a network of underground workers monitoring the traffic and switching the lights from red to green when they thought the time was right.

7. Black and White History

Black and White TVs
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What person born south of 1980 didn’t believe that everyone from older times lived in a black-and-white world? If you grew up in the ’80s, chances are you or a friend still owned a black-and-white television, and all the old family photos were also sepia. I recall this memory well, even asking my mom when they started having color in the world.

8. The Precarious Belly Button

Baby getting showered belly button
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I once read about someone who believed as a child that if they scrubbed their belly button too hard, the knot holding their stomach together would loosen, spilling their organs everywhere. Hold on — maybe this one is true, so be careful when cleaning your navel in the future. You’ve been warned.

9. Chronological Music Videos

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MTV was a staple for many adolescents during its ‘80s and ’90s heyday, so most teens had a detailed knowledge of music videos. Hilariously, one music lover was confused about how music artists managed to film so many scenes, switching costumes for each scene change, then back again for the original setup. It must have been exhausting until they discovered that each scene was shot separately and edited together.

10. Shrimps Make Good Baby Lobsters

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A reasonable take comes in the next story, where someone recalls thinking that shrimp grew up one day to become lobsters. If a caterpillar can one day become a butterfly, then a shrimp growing into a lobster is feasible. But why stop there? There must be so many potential creature transition possibilities like this.

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