15 Effortless Essentials to Bring Tailgating

Tailgating is an experience everyone needs to have at some point. Whether it is a sports game, concert, or any other event, tailgating is essential. While anything you bring to a tailgate will be utilized, a few crucial items must be brought to make it a proper tailgate. Tailgating is great for everyone, making it a fantastic thing to do while having fun with friends and family or others with a common interest!

1. Cooler

Coleman Coolers
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A cooler is a perfect spot to keep your food and beverages at an acceptable temperature and is a must-have during a tailgate. During those hot days, there is nothing better than a cold, refreshing drink to cool you down and prepare for the event. On top of that, the cooler can double as a seat, allowing you to sit with everyone.

2. Food

Drinking and eating in tailgating
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To keep everyone happy, keeping your friends and family full is essential. When tailgating, there is no such thing as too much food, so bring as much as possible and be prepared to eat. With that, make sure to bring containers to get all the leftover food home!

3. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher
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If things go wrong, bringing a fire extinguisher could save money, prevent equipment from burning, and not ruin the whole event. While out tailgating, you may get a little clumsy, so having this on standby is crucial, but hopefully will not need to be used.

4. Ponchos

Woman wearing plastic ponchos
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Predicting the weather can be nearly impossible sometimes, so packing ponchos is quick and easy and could save you a lot of comfort. Although you can bring your rain jacket or umbrella, a poncho is exceptionally cheap and portable.

5. Canopy/Tent

Group of asian people outside tent
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A canopy can be helpful for many reasons, including keeping you and your family from getting wet or avoiding the sun. Plus, they are so easily set up and portable, so there is no excuse not to have one!

6. Bug Spray

Woman using bug spray
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Depending on the time of the year it is, bugs may be a huge issue. Bugs can be difficult to eliminate, so having a bug spray or a portable bug trap is crucial to keep everyone from getting bit and annoyed.

7. Alcohol

men drinking in night club
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For those of age, bringing alcohol could be an excellent idea for your tailgate. This can make socializing much easier and be a great way to save money before going to an overpriced event!

8. Folding Table

Friends eating from folding table
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A folding table is perfect for this occasion since it is slim and can be brought almost anywhere, yet it covers a large surface area. Put all the food on it you brought, or set up a buffet for your friends.

9. Generator

Generator portable
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Since you are probably transporting a lot of gear that needs electricity, depending on your setup, such as a TV, grill, or speaker, having a source of energy is a must. Although you could use your car’s battery, that is a recipe for draining your battery, which will leave you stranded!

10. Condiments

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To top off all the delicious food, having versatile and easy-to-transfer condiments. Since most of the food there is being grilled, you cannot go wrong with having all the essentials.

11. Cornhole

Cornhole game
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A staple to any outside event, cornhole is fun, simple, and anyone can play. With cornhole being such a portable game, this is a must-have during a tailgate; plus, you can find cornhole sets that have your favorite team’s logo on them!

12. Beverages

Beverages in tailgating
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Having drinks for everyone to choose from makes you the person everyone loves, with many different options for all ages. These beverages range from sodas, juices, and other cool drinks to enjoy during a nice sunny tailgate.

13. Trash Bags

Trash Bag
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An item many forget about is having trash bags to throw away all of the junk at the end of the tailgate, which leaves the Earth happy and the people around you happy. Trash bags are cheap, portable, and easy to acquire, so there is no reason for others to clean up your mess!

14. Portable Grill

Portable Grill tailgating party
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Most people think of grilling food when they picture tailgating, so having a portable grill ready to go is helpful for these events. When it comes to grilling, there are so many options of what to make, having such a variety of food for everyone around you!

15. Sunscreen

Woman wearing sunscreen
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Protecting yourself from the sun is essential. Tailgating can be a whole day event in itself, so sitting out cooking in the sun is dangerous. Getting protection so you can stay happy and healthy out there is critical!

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