10 Side Hustles That Will Get You Out of the House

If you already work from home or in an office setting, you may be looking for a way to earn a little extra cash that gets you out of the house and doing something active. These side hustles have low costs and varying degrees of expertise needed to get started.

There’s a good chance these side hustles may not feel like work at all. To help you get started, we have outlined what each job entails, what you’ll likely need to get started, and an estimate of the earning potential. Get started today, and you could get paid in a few days.   

1. Give Lessons in Person

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Despite the ease and convenience of online learning, some things are best taught in person. Many people prefer face-to-face instruction and interaction over online courses.

If you know something people want to learn, get paid to teach. It can be a sport, music lessons, cooking, dancing, arts and crafts, a language, or anything else people want to learn. Overhead costs are low and could go down to almost zero if you have steady clients and don’t have to travel far.

With a little entrepreneurial spirit and some hustle, you can find clients near you. Sign up as a teacher on Lessons.com and post ads in the Lessons section on Craigslist. Spread the word among friends and family with business cards or through Facebook.

2. Tutor Students

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Parents are always looking for tutors to get their kids through challenging subjects. If you have extensive knowledge of a subject or subjects, consider tutoring. The low startup costs and high hourly pay make tutoring highly profitable.

When I first met my wife in college, she tutored math and freshman composition at $25 an hour. Where we live, tutors charge $30-$60 per hour for most subjects. SAT prep starts at $50, with some SAT tutors charging as much as $100 an hour.

You can find tutoring gigs by connecting with local schools or teachers, advertising online via Craigslist and Facebook, or using Wyzant. This site connects tutors and students for online lessons.

3. Drive With Uber and Lyft

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You’ve probably used a ridesharing service instead of a traditional taxi service at least once. For those who don’t mind driving and love meeting new people, driving with Uber and Lyft can put extra money in your pocket.

Getting started is pretty straightforward. You’ll complete a few steps online to confirm that you and your vehicle meet a few basic requirements. You’re ready to go once you pass a background check and fill out some forms.

There are costs associated with becoming a driver, like gas, maintenance, tolls, car washes, and self-employment taxes. Uber and Lyft currently classify drivers as independent contractors. That means all of that is on you.

Despite the expenses, driving for these companies is a solid side hustle with decent pay you can do in your spare time.

4. Deliver Food and Groceries

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Getting food delivered to your house has never been easier. Whether you’re in the mood for a meal from your favorite restaurant or want to save time by cutting out trips to the supermarket, an app can make it happen.

For side hustlers, companies that are built around these apps are always in need of delivery drivers. DoorDash, Uber Eats, Instacart, and Shipt offer you flexible schedules and the chance to make $15-$25 per hour delivering food.

You can work with multiple services, choosing which deliveries to make based on distance and how much they pay. For example, you can combine driving for DoorDash with Uber Eats to increase your hourly rate.

The same caveats about independent contractor status for rideshare driving apply to food delivery driving in terms of expenses and taxes.

5. Do Tasks Through Taskrabbit

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TaskRabbit provides a simple solution for people who need odd jobs done and folks looking to make extra money. Tasks available include general handy stuff like assembling furniture or mounting a TV, short errands, yardwork, cleaning, help with moving, and more.

To become a Tasker, you must be at least 18, have a valid Social Security number, and consent to a background check. You also need a smartphone, a checking account, and a $25 registration fee.

Once accepted, you’ll create your profile, listing your skills and tasks you’re interested in doing. You set your rates, but TaskRabbit provides some guidance on the going rates for each task in your area. Potential clients will contact you with the work they need to be done.

6. Sell What You Make on Etsy

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Etsy is the place to go for handmade items, clothes you won’t find in stores, printables, and anything crafty. People shop on Etsy for a wide range of products, including:

  • Knitting and crochet patterns
  • Custom and hand-carved signs
  • Wooden boxes
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Vintage clothing
  • Cards and invitations
  • Printable calendars and planners
  • Personalized gifts
  • Wall Decor
  • Candles
  • Homemade soap

That’s just a tiny sample of what’s available. If you’re into arts and crafts, browse the site to see if there’s anything you can make and sell. If you’re not crafty but have graphic design, print design, or any digital art skills, selling digital downloads on Etsy could be a nice side hustle.

Setting up your Etsy shop is simple and free. It costs $0.20 to list an item. Once you make a sale, there’s a 5% transaction fee. Etsy Payments, which allows you to accept several payment options, has a 3% + $0.25 per transaction fee.

7. Flip Furniture

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A lot of furniture that gets discarded is in OK shape or at least fixable. A little sanding, fresh paint, or some new hardware, and it looks brand new.

Most people don’t want to take the time to fix or restore their furniture. They’d rather drag it to the curb or call someone to haul it away. Then they go out and buy something new.

It doesn’t take that much skill to make a profit. If you can sand, paint, and turn a screwdriver, that’s enough to get started.

The business model for this type of business is simple: buy the product at a low price, fix it up, and sell it for more than you paid. Your purchase price determines the amount of profit you can make. Find unwanted furniture cheap at yard sales, thrift stores, on Facebook or Craigslist, and maybe even on the side of the road.

Look for products always in demand, like desks, coffee tables, and dressers with easy-to-repair flaws. Wobbly legs, scuff marks, and missing hardware are simple fixes. A fresh coat of paint can make an old piece look brand new.

Make sure anything you pick up is natural wood, not particle board or fiberboard. Fake wood furniture is machine-made and cheap when it’s brand new. It’s worthless secondhand.

There are several websites and apps to sell furniture. You can use Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Offerup to sell your pieces locally. If you’re willing to ship, you can try Chairish, eBay, or Etsy.

8. Become a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

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My wife and I much prefer to use a trusted pet sitter to walk and look after our fur babies rather than sticking them in a kennel when we’re away. Help pet owners like us by offering dog walking or pet sitting services.

Where did we find a reliable pet sitter with references? Rover.com. The site matches dog owners with local dog walkers and pet sitters.

If you’re a dog lover, there might not be any better side hustle ideas for you than getting paid to spend time with dogs. You can set your hours based on your availability. You can offer walking, boarding, doggy daycare, and drop-in services.

How much you can make depends on where you live and which services you offer. You can set your rates, but ensure you’re aligned with what others in your area are charging. According to Rover, if you can provide boarding services, sitters who offer to board earn twice as much.

If you love animals and are interested in another source of income, sign up as a sitter and set up a profile on Rover.com. Your profile will be reviewed, and you’ll need to pass a background check before your profile goes live.

9. Rent Your Stuff Out

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Who doesn’t own a lot of stuff they’re not using all the time? Put some of it to work for you. Renting out your stuff is easy to do, it’s helpful to others, and you’ll be earning back the money you paid for the item.

Here are a few things you can rent out for profit:

  • An extra room in your house – If you’ve got a guest room but no guest, consider giving Airbnb a shot. Set up doesn’t take long; you can vet potential guests thoroughly and make a few hundred dollars every month.
  • Your car or truck – Turo is an online platform where you list your vehicle and, when it’s available, then rent it out to customers who have been prescreened. Fluid Truck works similarly to Turo but only for trucks and cargo vans.
  • Your bike – Make extra money renting out your unused bicycle with Spinlister. The website claims you can make up to $500 per month. You can also list surfboards, snowboards, and skis.
  • Clothes and accessories – There’s a healthy rental market for designer clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. If you have clothes sitting in the back of your closet, check out StyleLend and Rent My Wardrobe.
  • Tools, sporting goods, and other items – Monetize your attic or garage with Loanables and FriendWithA. These platforms make it possible to rent out just about anything you own but don’t use daily. Popular items include tables, sports equipment, power tools, snow blowers, camping gear, electronics, and more.

10. Provide Translation Services

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You can make extra money translating documents if you can read and write in multiple languages.

All kinds of businesses need translators to get their sales materials, internal documents, and websites into other languages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, translators make an average of just under $25 an hour.

You can join Upwork and bid on translation work or post gigs on Fiverr to land clients. There are also agencies and services like Rev.com and Translated.com that hire freelancers.