37 Ways To Make Money Without Talking to Anyone

How To Make Money Without Talking to Anyone

Maybe you’re an introvert. Or you don’t like office politics, making small talk, or socializing with co-workers.

If you want to make money without talking to anyone, you can. There are plenty of ways to earn money without speaking to anyone regularly or at all.

If you’re looking to make a full-time income or extra cash on the side and prefer to avoid talking to others as much as possible, it’s a matter of finding the right type of work and opportunity.

37 Ways To Make Money Without Talking to Anyone

Here are some of the best ways to make money without talking to anyone:

1. Write for Others

Writing is a solitary pursuit many introverts enjoy. Freelance writing offers an opportunity to make money that could become a new career. The types of writing that are in high demand include:

  • Blog posts
  • Sales pages
  • Email marketing sequences
  • White papers
  • Press releases
  • Ghostwritten ebooks

Freelance writers can keep their day job and make money on the side. An extensive portfolio of work and a roster of steady clients could result in your freelance writing income eclipsing your paycheck and becoming a full-time business.

2. Start a Blog

Starting a blog makes for an excellent side hustle for introverts. It could eventually replace your day job if you stick with it.

You can build a massive audience without ever speaking with anyone. Interacting with your readers through blog comments, social media, or email might spur your blog’s growth, but it’s not required.

Running a blog might mean learning new skills, such as creating content with WordPress, SEO, affiliate marketing, or photo editing. Even with the necessary skills, it could take months or years before you have an audience large enough to generate real money. You can make a living blogging, though.

Bloggers can earn money through advertising, affiliate links, and sponsorships. Many bloggers also sell products they create, like ebooks, courses, or consulting services.

3. Sell Your Photos

If you enjoy taking pictures, you can sell stock photos online. You can do so in your spare time and scale up your business with enough experience.

Bloggers, small business owners, marketing professionals, and others buy stock photographs for their projects. They save time and money while photographers earn royalties.

You can sell your pictures to stock photo sites like Alamy, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, or Depositphotos. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of any stock photo seller. Terms and pay rates differ from site to site.

Selling stock photo bundles or subscriptions from your website is another way to monetize your photos. You’ll need other skills and tools for building a website, promotion, payment processing, and product delivery, but you’ll get a bigger piece of the pie.

4. Publish Your Book

You may enjoy writing but want to avoid bidding on freelance jobs or commit to blogging constantly. If so, you can still monetize your writing skills by becoming an ebook author. Anyone with a finished manuscript can publish it through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Consistent income from self-publishing comes from having several titles available. A fiction series or multiple books, each covering one area of a broad topic, can earn you fans who buy all your books as you release them.

You can also create low or no-content books such as coloring books, blank recipe books, planners, and word search puzzles or Sudoku books.

Writing ebooks could be your ticket to making money without talking to anyone.

5. Proofread and Edit Documents

Person in blue and white striped shirt reading a document on a computer.

Proofreaders review documents correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors as they go. A proofreader might also check for formatting inconsistencies when working on print publications. Copy editors improve written material by evaluating word choice, style, factual accuracy, and readability.

You don’t need to be an employee at a book publisher, publication, or marketing firm. These businesses often assign proofreading and editing work to freelancers who work remotely.

You can make a decent income as a proofreader or editor. Freelance proofreaders on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer typically charge $25 to $40 an hour.

The work itself is quiet and requires little human interaction. If you have a firm handle on grammar, spelling, and style rules, you might be well-suited for proofreading or copy-editing work.

If making money reading books appeals to you, you can upgrade your skills or get certified through organizations such as the Editorial Freelancers Association or the Poynter Institute.

6. Translate Documents

Being fluent in English and one or more additional languages opens up many possibilities for translation work. You can translate written documents, videos, audio recordings, and websites.

Employment for translators is expected to grow 24 percent by 2030, making it a fast-growing field. Most translators work remotely and are self-employed, so a bilingual introvert might find translation an ideal gig. A bachelor’s degree is helpful, but proficiency in English and another language is typically all that is required.

There are several platforms for finding freelance translator jobs, including Upwork, Rev, Interpreters & Translators, Inc., and many more. You can also search the major job sites like FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and Indeed for part-time and full-time translation jobs.

7. Transcribe Audio Files

Transcriptionists convert audio into written form. The job entails listening to audio files and typing out what you hear word for word. Doing transcription work is a good side hustle for those who like working independently.

You’ll need excellent typing skills since pay rates are based on the length of the audio file rather than how much time you spend transcribing. You should have a reliable computer, high-speed internet, good command of grammar, familiarity with word processing applications, and strong attention to detail.

You’ll also need a good pair of headphones. You might want to invest in a foot pedal, allowing you to pause, rewind, or fast-forward the audio without taking your hands off the keyboard.

You can get started on Rev.com by signing up, taking a quiz, and submitting a work sample they assign you. In addition to searching job boards and freelance websites, there are freelance transcription marketplaces such as Transcribe Me, Go Transcript, and others for finding work.

8. Become a Scopist

Scoping is one of those side hustles no one talks about, but it’s another way to make money that doesn’t require talking to anyone. It’s similar to transcription work, but unlike being a transcriptionist, you don’t have to type each word.

A scopist is a transcript editor for court reporters. For accuracy, the scopist compares a court reporter’s shorthand to the official transcript.

Scoping involves making sure there are no errors in the translation from steno notes to the official transcript. The scopist may also fix punctuation, grammar, and formatting issues. This ensures an accurate record of the court proceeding is preserved.

The work can be done remotely, and pay is typically in the $16 to $24 an hour range, according to Salary.com. If the work suits you and you can round up enough work, you could make a decent income as a scopist.

Before you can start earning money as a scopist, you’ll need specialized training in addition to strong typing and editing skills. Learning to read steno notes and getting to know computer-aided transcription software are musts.

The Internet Scoping School offers training programs for scopists. You can take the free intro course to determine if the opportunity is for you.

9. Design Graphics

If you can create engaging visual content, you can make money designing graphics. As a graphic designer, you’ll bring concepts to life. You might find work creating graphics and illustrations for websites, books, advertising, product packaging, and more. 

Freelance graphic designers enjoy flexible schedules, the ability to work from home, and an average hourly rate of $25, according to Upwork

You don’t need a degree to secure graphic design gigs. You can create an extensive portfolio of your work on sites like Wix or Weebly to showcase your talents. Create profiles on freelancer platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Behance and link to your portfolio.

10. Edit Videos

Editing video clips on a MacBook Pro.

If you have a talent for turning video footage into a compelling story, video editing is in high demand. Video editors spend a lot of time alone in front of a monitor, making it an excellent side hustle or career for creative introverts.

All kinds of videos across a variety of industries need editing. Businesses and content creators hire editors to trim footage, combine video clips, fix audio, and spice up their projects. The wider your skillset is, the more types of jobs you can bid on.

If you’re interested in making money editing videos, you can start by creating your portfolio site and then applying for jobs online. Some of the best places to find work are Upwork and Behance, two beginner-friendly freelancing websites that connect businesses with freelance creatives.

You can start by creating a portfolio site or YouTube channel featuring your work. You can create video editing gigs on Fiverr to get some paid work under your belt. You can add profiles on sites like Upwork, Peopleperhour, and Behance, then start bidding on jobs.

11. Sell Printables on Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces for selling crafts, handmade items, and digital files for download. Printables sell very well on Etsy.

You can make printable calendars, labels, planners, trackers, checklists, invitations, templates, or worksheets. You could also make printables for events like birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties, holidays, and more.

Printables and other digital downloads are a good source of passive income for introverts. You create the file once, upload it, and it sells without you having to do much else. Etsy takes care of file delivery, and the buyer prints the product on their own paper.

You can use a free tool like Canva to create your printables. If you have experience with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, use those. You can make your products with software like Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.

12. Sell Your Drawings

If you love to draw and are good at it, why not make some extra cash with it or turn it into your job? There are plenty of opportunities to make money drawing if you have talent.

You can sell drawings directly, create products or t-shirts featuring your artwork, or create a video course teaching people how to draw. It’s a creative side hustle that could replace your day job if one or more of your ideas takes off.

You can get started with print-on-demand services like Teespring and have your drawings printed on various products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, or posters. You can sell prints of your work through DeviantArt or ArtPal. You can also set up gigs on Fiverr and draw caricatures, tattoo designs, or anime characters, which are all popular on the platform.

13. Open an Online Store

Thanks to dropshipping, anyone can open an online store and start selling within days. Dropshipping is reasonably low-risk and can be profitable because you do not handle manufacturing, inventory, or shipping. Customers browse your online shop and make a purchase then you have the order fulfilled by your supplier.

Dropshipping sounds like an easy way to get rich quickly, but it’s not. The downsides of dropshipping include the following:

  • Low margins
  • Finding reliable suppliers can be difficult
  • Taking responsibility for problems that aren’t your fault
  • Scaling is challenging with a limited ad budget
  • Competitors appear overnight
  • Products fall out of favor or become saturated

On the plus side, if you can select the right mix of products, market your store effectively, and generate consistent sales, e-commerce can replace your day job.

You can find suppliers through platforms like AliExpress, Zendrop, or Doba, set up your online store with Shopify, and be in business. You’ll also need a marketing budget to cover ad creation and advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or search engines.

You could start a thriving dropshipping business with research, planning, and a few hundred dollars.

14. Rent Out Your Vehicle

Person in grey shirt handing car keys.

For a few years, I owned a car and drove less than 10,000 miles a year. I lived in the city, so I walked to a nearby station and took the subway daily to work. Most days, my car sat in a parking spot, depreciating and collecting pollen.

If I had the option to rent it out when I wasn’t using it, I would’ve done it in a heartbeat. Now you can with peer-to-peer car rental websites like Turo and Getaround. If you have an RV, camper van, or popup trailer you don’t use frequently, RV Share and Outdoorsy will help you rent them out.

The rental services list your vehicle, screen renters, take care of insurance, and collect the fees. Depending on the site, you usually make between 60 and 80 percent of the payment. In my area, cars on Turo rent from $45 to over $200 per day, depending on the vehicle.

15. Rent Out Your Stuff

If you have a closet or a garage full of stuff you’re not using, rent it out. Things you can rent out for profit include:

  • Power tools
  • Musical instruments
  • Camera equipment
  • Baby stuff
  • Clothes

Some people rent these things because they don’t want to buy something they won’t use often. Others are considering a purchase but want to try before they buy. They turn to platforms like Loanables and others to see if they can rent it from someone in their area or online.

Peer-to-peer rental sites connect renters with owners. They handle the communication, billing, and insurance for a cut.

The money can be pretty good as well. Some camera equipment on KitSplit will rent for $100 a day or more. A gorgeous dress can rent for $75 and up on StyleLend.

If you’re looking for a passive income idea that requires very little interpersonal interaction, renting out your things might be worth a look.

16. Create WordPress Themes or HTML Templates

While in school, I made extra money building 5 to 10-page websites for small businesses in my area. As a side hustle, it paid pretty well, but it was a grind.

I liked the design work. I did not like everything else around it. Finding new clients, chasing people for money, and doing a lot of back-and-forth on design changes took a lot of work.

If you have web design skills but prefer not to talk to people, sell pre-made templates or WordPress themes instead. Bloggers, small businesses, startups, online retailers, and Shopify store owners buy templates to showcase their content while saving money over hiring a designer. You can sell via a platform like Envato or directly to customers via your website.

17. Write Code

Coders use their programming skills to build and manage applications and websites. Coding jobs pay well, and opportunities are plentiful, but the market is competitive. You spend most of your time alone on your computer.

If you’re looking to change careers or want to explore becoming a coder as a money-making hobby, here’s the path I took to exit the banking industry and get into the software business:

  1. Learn on your own. Sites like W3Schools and freeCodeCamp have free structured learning resources you can explore. I spent months learning HTML, CSS, and javascript in my spare time before I decided to pursue a new career.
  2. Attend a coding boot camp. Coding boot camps are expensive, but you emerge with real-world skills that are in demand. Flatiron School and Hack Reactor are well-known and reputable boot camps. I went back to school full-time and started a web design side hustle for extra money while I studied.
  3. Start freelancing. You can build up your portfolio with freelance work before applying for full-time work. Create profiles on freelance job sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour. At first, I found freelance work through friends, former co-workers, and word of mouth.
  4. Apply for full-time work if desired. Once you gain some experience and references, you can look for contract work or employment on job sites like FlexJops, Indeed, or ZipRecruiter. However, corporate gigs can be meeting-heavy and include forced socializing, depending on company culture. You could make a career out of freelancing if it suits you better.

Deadlines, bugs, customer expectations, and competitors mean it’s not a way to make money without stress. Even though being a coder is not a low-stress job, if you love solving problems and bringing ideas to life, it could be for you.

18. Manage Social Media for Others

Social media managers spend a lot of time online. Face-to-face contact with your clients isn’t likely, and most interaction with clients can be through email. Social media marketing is an excellent opportunity for an introvert who enjoys and is active on social media.

If you’re familiar with popular social media platforms and can manage multiple accounts, you might have a future running social media marketing campaigns. You can do the job from anywhere on your phone or computer as long as you have an internet connection.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Creating social media accounts for clients with no existing presence
  • Coming up with a strategy to build the brand, grow followers, and generate leads
  • Creating and posting content
  • Auditing existing social media accounts
  • Integrating social media with other campaigns and marketing initiatives

Becoming a social media manager isn’t as straightforward as becoming an accountant or lawyer. If you can demonstrate your ability to post engaging content and grow a following, that might be enough to land your first client. You can also pursue additional training in social media management through online learning platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Skillshare.

19. Teach an Online Course

You can learn just about anything online these days. You can make a lot of money creating online courses if you’re OK with talking to a camera. If you have a skill or a talent others would want to learn, share it to make money without speaking to anyone.

You won’t be giving lectures in front of an audience or doing live one-on-one instruction via Zoom. Once you come up with a course structure, you can record video lessons. Upload your videos to Udemy or Skillshare, and you can tap into a massive audience of eager learners.

After your course is uploaded, it becomes a source of passive income. You might have to update the material or respond to questions and feedback, but you can handle that without talking to anyone.

20. Be a Virtual Assistant

To start a virtual assistant business, you don’t have to be an extrovert. Being a VA could be a good side hustle or full-time gig for anyone who wants less personal interaction.

There are many services you can offer that don’t require face-to-face or phone contact, including:

  • Inbox management
  • Blog management
  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog post editing
  • Keyword research and other SEO tasks
  • Pinterest management or social media posting
  • Email outreach

All of those tasks can be completed remotely. Any communication with your clients can be handled through email or chat.

21. Keep the Books

If you love numbers and are well-versed in bookkeeping software, you can offer your virtual bookkeeping services. You’ll be generating financial statements, invoicing customers, paying bills, categorizing expenses, and performing other general bookkeeping duties as needed. The top 5 reasons to consider starting a virtual bookkeeping business are:

  1. Every business needs someone to do the bookkeeping
  2. You don’t need to be a CPA or have an accounting degree
  3. It’s a low startup-cost business
  4. Profit margins are high
  5. With cloud-based software like QuickBooks or Xero, you can work from home

There might be times when you need to call or video chat with a client, but for the most part, you can work quietly and alone.

If you have no experience but love numbers and the idea of being a bookkeeper speaks to you, look into courses or certificate programs at local colleges. You can also get all the training you need to start a virtual bookkeeping business at Bookkeepers.com.

22. Jump Into the Vending Machine Business

Owning and operating vending machines requires no special training and provides a steady stream of income. Starting a vending business requires seed money to buy a machine, find a good location, and sell the right products. Getting your machines placed requires speaking with local business owners, but once your sites are established, there’s little human contact required.

If you’re not keen on starting your own vending business, the other option is working for a vending machine company, either part-time or full-time. Once you land the job, most of your time will be spent alone driving from site to site, stocking machines, and collecting the proceeds. There is very little customer interaction involved.

23. Read Books Out Loud

There’s a vast market for audiobooks. That means there’s a lot of demand for audiobook narrators.

You can get paid to read books aloud if you:

  • Have a clear speaking voice
  • Can read with expression
  • Have a quiet environment available for recording
  • Are able to edit audio files

Amazon runs a job platform (Audiobook Creation Exchange) for authors and narrators to find each other. There are usually hundreds of audio books open for auditions. You can get paid per finished hour of audio or opt for a percentage of royalties on audiobook sales instead.

24. Play Video Games

You’ve probably seen ads or heard about games offering real cash prizes or gift cards for playing bingo, solitaire or trying new games on an app like Mistplay. The truth is, it’s difficult to generate more than $50 in a month. You’ll either spend way too much time playing for pennies or depositing and losing your own money.

If you want to make money playing video games, consider YouTube. Some of the top earners on YouTube are gamers.

Uploading videos of your gameplay to YouTube or streaming on a platform like Twitch could lead to a six-figure income. A large following opens the door to ad dollars, affiliate revenue, and sponsorships.

You could also start a video game blog, sell strategy guides for new players, or offer coaching services for the most popular games. You could combine one or more of these strategies, as any of them can lead to big paydays.

25. Take Surveys

Market research companies pay people to provide feedback, give their opinions, and share their experiences on various topics or products.

Survey Junkie is one of the more popular survey sites. They recruit consumers to provide feedback on brands and other issues. You earn points you can redeem for PayPal cash or electronic gift cards.

Online surveys are not the answer if you’re looking for a consistent and sustainable source of extra income. It is a way to generate some pizza money while standing in line, watching TV, or commuting.

26. Complete Micro Tasks

You can make extra money doing small tasks that require human intelligence on sites like Clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk. You might participate in very brief research studies, determine if two photos are the same, or perform a Google search and record the top 10 results.

The pay won’t come close to a decent annual salary. You might make a few cents for a few seconds of your time or a buck or two here and there, but it does add up. There’s no boss, no quota, and you can work from home any time you want.

27. Become a Looker

Businesses often need people to gather and verify information physically, but they only sometimes have someone available nearby. That’s where you come in. WeGoLook pays people to collect information in the field.

For example, an insurance company might need photos of damaged property. Or a construction company may need someone to visit a site and confirm workers are following safety procedures.

You choose when to work and accept only the jobs you want. If you own a smartphone, you can complete the onboarding process and start right away.

Most jobs take less than 20 minutes to complete and pay $15 to $20. It won’t be enough to quit your day job, but it’s extra cash for simple work.

28. Collect Free Cash

Woman in red holding dollar bills behind her sunglasses.

The last time I opened a bank account in person, I got a free wall calendar. Times have changed. Credit card companies and banks now offer cash incentives for opening an account.

Banks might offer a cash bonus for new accounts. Some cashback credit cards offer more for certain types of purchases, like travel, gas, or groceries. Flat rate cards return a standard rate of cash back for all purchases.

There are usually a few hoops to jump through before you can collect your free money. With cashback credit cards, you may have to spend a certain amount within a specified time period to qualify. For bank accounts, you might need to deposit a certain amount, maintain a minimum balance, or sign up for direct deposit.

If you can use your new accounts responsibly, stick to the terms, and avoid drastically altering your spending habits to get credit card rewards, you can take advantage. Use your new cash back credit card for transactions you usually make and pay the bill in full every month. You want to avoid getting in over your head or tanking your credit score chasing free money.

You won’t build wealth or a sustainable 6-figure side hustle from collecting bonus money. But you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cash and travel awards just for buying things you normally would.

29. Deliver Food for Restaurants

If you have a reliable vehicle, delivering for one of the food delivery apps is a good way to make money without much human contact. It’s much better than rideshare driving, where you’re forced into chit-chat with strangers.

The money is decent, you are your own boss, and you can work when you want. It’s also possible to make full-time money if you work the busiest hours around meal times and hustle.

Most of your time is spent in your car. You do have to run into restaurants and drop off orders at customers’ houses, but the interactions are minimal.

Restaurants want to get you on your way, and customers want their food. You can be pleasant for a few seconds if you have to talk to restaurant staff or hand an order to a customer.

You don’t have to limit yourself to working for just one service. You can combine driving for DoorDash with another service like UberEats or Grubhub. You might be able to catch two orders from different services headed in the same direction, which will increase your hourly rate.

30. Deliver Groceries

Working as an Instacart shopper is another way to make some money without talking much. On the off chance you’ve never heard of it, Instacart is an app that enables users to order groceries and have them delivered by a personal shopper.

You can set your own schedule, and you get paid weekly. Instacart has a complicated pay structure that factors in base pay, number of items, mileage, heavy order pay, and tips. Making $10-$20 per “batch” or full-service delivery is a reasonable expectation.

As an Instacart shopper, your time will be divided between being on your feet grocery shopping for others and delivering orders. Checking out and dropping off orders won’t require much if any, personal contact. It might not be for you if you prefer to avoid crowds or chain supermarkets and big-box stores like Costco at busy times.

31. Make Faceless YouTube Videos

Faceless YouTube channels are a hot side hustle for anyone who isn’t comfortable on camera but wants to tap into YouTube’s massive potential.

As someone with an introverted personality, the thought of appearing on camera probably doesn’t appeal to you. Fortunately, there are ways to make money on YouTube without being on camera. For example, you could make:

  1. Product unboxing videos where you unpack a product and show what’s in the box
  2. Dog and cat videos are always popular
  3. Software tutorials with screen recording software
  4. How-to videos where you show just your hands
  5. Videos of you playing video games for fans and players of the game.

If you can make helpful content or fresh content people want to see, the earnings can be life-changing. YouTube channels can be monetized through ads, sponsorships, affiliate products, and selling your own products.

It’s a way to make money online without talking to anyone or building client relationships in person.

32. Sell Gently-Worn Clothes on Poshmark

If you’re a fashionista or someone with a lot of clothes in the back of your closet you don’t wear, selling clothes on Poshmark can generate some extra cash or turn into a full-time business. Poshmark has tons of users wanting to buy fashionable clothes and accessories in good condition at reasonable prices.

You can actually make money on Poshmark selling your old clothes if you can take nice pictures and write thorough and honest descriptions. You can’t make money without customers, so excellent customer service and fast shipping are important.

To turn it into a side business, you need a steady source of inventory. That could mean scouring stores for clearance or heavily discounted items or sourcing from thrift shops. You can make a nice profit if you can get trendy or popular items cheap.

33. Flip Furniture

Most people can’t be bothered to fix up furniture that’s seen better days. They would rather get rid of it and buy new stuff.

You can find furniture cheap through Craigslist, Facebook, thrift shops, and yard sales. If it’s in decent shape, all it might take to get it looking new again is a little sanding, fresh paint, or new hardware.

When it comes time to sell, there are plenty of websites and apps for selling used furniture. If you’re willing to ship, you can use eBay, Etsy, or OfferUp. If you want to sell locally, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are good places to start, but you would probably have to meet the buyer face-to-face.

34. Play With Dogs

Woman playing with her Husky dog outside.

If you are not much of a people person but are very much a dog person, try making money as a dog walker. If you love animals, being a dog walker might be a brilliant opportunity to make hundreds of dollars doing something you enjoy. 

Dog owners don’t always have the time to walk or play with their dogs as much as they should. Work, travel, and other obligations get in the way from time to time. Many dog owners are willing to pay someone to ensure their fur baby gets the exercise and attention they need.

Rover.com is a website dog owners and dog walkers use to arrange walks or pet sitting. Sign up as a dog walker, go through the vetting process, and you’re in business. Check rates from other dog walkers in your area, then set your price accordingly.

35. House Sitting

House sitting involves watching someone’s house when they’re away. A homeowner might need little tasks done, but mostly they want the house to look lived in to prevent burglaries.

The homeowner might need you to stop by at certain times to bring in mail, water plants, and make sure things are OK. You might find a house sitting gig that requires staying overnight or occupying the place for an extended period.

House sitting can be a good side hustle because it’s a win-win for both parties. The homeowner gets peace of mind and assurance that their pets and belongings are looked after. The housesitter gets cash and possibly a place to stay.

You can find house sitting gigs on TrustedHousesitter.com, MindMyHouse.com, and Nomador.com.

36. Pressure Wash Homes and Driveways

It takes hard work plus startup money for equipment and marketing, but you can make some real money with a pressure washing business. Homeowners want to keep their sidewalks, driveways, and houses looking clean. They’ll typically pay $100 to $300 for a pressure wash.

You can buy a heavy-duty pressure washer in the $600 to $1000 range. You can look for used equipment on Craigslist. You could also give the business a trial run by getting a customer first and then renting a pressure washer from Home Depot as long you can make a profit.

The work itself requires no human contact. If you promote your business through online ads and by distributing flyers locally, you won’t have to go knocking on doors to find customers. You can also market yourself to real estate agencies, HOAs, landlords, and property management companies.

37. Clean Houses and Office Buildings

Cleaning houses or offices usually requires little discussion. Offices are typically cleaned after business hours. Homeowners might prefer you to come when they’re at work or out.

The homeowner or the service you work for might give you some instructions, or you may have some questions, but you’re usually left alone to do your work. Hourly wages are typically around $15 an hour, depending on where you live and who you work for.

If you’re thinking of starting a cleaning business, potential clients will want to meet you before they let you into their homes or offices. Once you get a client, though, they will probably stay well out of your way while you do your job. 

Making Money Without Talking to Anyone

Whether you’re an introvert looking for full-time gigs, side hustle ideas to make extra money in your spare time, or you’re interested in starting your own business, it is possible to make money with little to no customer or client communication.

Some of the best jobs and side hustles for introverts involve work you can do from home. Popular online jobs for introverts include freelancing, offering virtual assistant services, and selling digital products or online courses. If you don’t mind leaving the house, house sitting, dog walking, and doing deliveries are good options.

Image Credits: Pexels