Mastering Google: Are Google Certifications Worth It?

Google career certification programs have been around for a few years and are becoming ever so popular among students and employees considering a career change.

Most offered by Google in partnership with Coursera, the professional certification courses help people acquire new skills and upgrade their knowledge of various industries. Google certifications are valuable for job seekers and professionals looking to advance their careers. They can demonstrate your skills and expertise to potential employers and help you stand out.”

As the founder of “Grow with Google,” Lisa Gevelber, puts it, “affordable and flexible online certification courses have been developed to close the skill gap in the IT, design, advertising, and project management markets.”

Google career certifications are well worth the effort and time of anyone seeking job-ready skills applicable to the tech sector. Several educational organizations also recognize them.

Google certifications are earned through the completion of Google’s professional online courses. They are designed to help people gain knowledge and skills in IT support, analytics, marketing, UX design, project management, and more. There are several advantages to them.

  • You can enroll in different level courses, from Beginners to Advanced, depending on your existing skill set (or lack thereof) in a specific subject.
  • Google’s career certification initiative allows you to complete the programs in your own time online and at your own pace. So, even if you’re employed full-time, you can still fit your studies around your job.
  • You don’t need previous experience or skills for most Google certification courses, which take 3 to 6 months to complete, with an exam to pass.
  • Professional online learning programs are generally affordable.

The Google certificate is valid for a specific period, depending on the program you’ve enrolled in.

Are Google Certifications Free?

There are free Google certification courses. “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” on Google Digital Garage is free.

With Google Skillshop, you can benefit from additional training, learn to use Google workplace tools for free, and earn a certificate (i.e., Google Ads certification).

Google offers many free online courses, which do not lead to earning a professional certification.

How Much Are Google Certifications?

The monthly fee for most Google professional certification courses is $49, with a 7-day free trial. The cost depends on the subject, level, and duration of the specific set of courses in the program. Each can be paid in monthly installments.

In 2024, data analytics will be one of the most expensive career certification programs. There are multiple options available from Coursera. Here is a recent list to explore the options, costs, and course length. 

It’s worth mentioning that many people who earn a Google career certificate come from a low-income background, as the founder of “Grow with Google,” Lisa Givelber, points out. This exemplifies that Google’s social impact efforts in the work-based learning field have been successful and worth it.”

How Many Google Certifications Are There?

There are just under 20 professional certification programs in English from Google and Google Cloud. Some are offered in other languages, such as German, Russian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and more.

Let’s explore 7 of the more popular Google certifications below:

1. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce

This career certification program is designed to introduce you to the digital marketing and e-commerce world. You’ll be taught how to create and manage digital marketing campaigns and analyze and measure the performance results. You’ll also learn to engage with your customers to expand and retain your client base.

Potential jobs: Media planner, Marketing Coordinator, Email marketing specialist, Digital marketer, SEO expert, PPC specialist, and E-commerce associate.

2. Google Project Management

Learn how to plan and lead projects with the popular Google project management career certification program. The courses will teach you about strategies in communication, program management, creating project documentation, and executing scrum tasks. You’ll get familiarized with using special software tools and applying practical scrum methods.

Potential jobs: Project assistant, Project manager, Project analyst, Scrum master, Operations associate, Project administrator, and more.

3. Google Data Analytics

Several courses of different levels comprise the Data Analytics certification program from Google. You’ll develop your analytical and data-processing skills using specialized analytical and SEO measuring tools. Data collection and keyword analysis are integral to the skillset you’ll acquire in this certification program.

Potential jobs: Junior data scientist/analyst, Data technician, Marketing or business performance analyst, Operations analyst, etc.

4. Google IT Support

The IT support career certification program is designed to develop your technology-based skills, such as operating computer networks and systems, installing software programs, assembling company computer hardware, and maintaining wireless networks. You’ll also learn to provide customer support and troubleshoot problems using binary code.

Potential jobs: IT support specialist, Help Desk technician, IT assistant, Database administrator, System analyst, Network engineer, etc.

5. Google UX Design

You’ll learn about the foundation of design processes, including creating prototypes and wireframes. You’ll master UX research and learn to use specialized design tools to create engaging designs. You’ll be testing the usability of products and analyzing how users interact with apps and websites.

Potential jobs: UX designer, UI designer, interaction designer, visual designer, and product designer.

6. Google IT Automation with Python

This is an advanced-level IT certification program designed to upgrade your skills in information technology.

With Python being the most in-demand programming language, you’ll learn how to program and automate tasks by writing Python scripts, analyzing and resolving IT problems, and using Git and GitHub for version control.

You can earn over $95,000 once you get certified in IT Automation with Python and find a relevant job.

Potential jobs: Python automation engineer, Python QA automation engineer, Test automation engineer with Python, and more.

7. Google Cloud Developer

The Cloud Developer certification will introduce you to the ins and outs of Google Cloud products and services. You’ll learn to build, design, analyze, and maintain cloud-native applications. Some of the skills you’ll acquire are related to application programming interfaces, cloud computing, application development, cloud storage, Google Compute, Google App engines, and more.

After completing the six courses, you can monitor, troubleshoot, and enhance the application performance and infrastructure in Google Cloud. This certification can also help you achieve multi-cloud fluency once you get familiar with the core concepts of Google Cloud.

Potential jobs: Google Cloud developer, Google Cloud engineer, Google Cloud consultant, etc.

Are Google Career Certificates Worth It?

Google career certification courses are designed and taught by recognized specialists, including Google employees. They have proven credentials and expertise in their field.

Suppose you’re committed to developing your expertise in a particular industry. You can enroll in one of the Beginners professional certification courses from Google or Google Cloud and gradually build on your skills by taking an advanced-level course in a related subject.

In partnership with universities, Google offers several industry specializations that build on Google’s career certificates and help learners gain additional competencies for specific job markets.

Is Google IT Support certification worth it?

Getting certified in IT support is worth it. It will help you enter a career in the high-demand information technology field, with approximately 400,000 available jobs in the US.

Entry-level salaries in the sector are more than attractive, ranging from $40,000 to $70,000.

Is Google Data Analytics certification worth it?

Gaining critical data analytical skills and the respective professional certification will open up numerous in-demand job opportunities.

With more than 380,000 available positions in the field and a median entry-level salary of $74,000, it’s worth considering a Google Data Analytics certification.

Is Google Project Management certification worth it?

There are nearly half a million job openings in project management, where the median entry-level salary exceeds $70,000.

Therefore, getting professionally certified at an affordable cost in this field will prove worthwhile.

Is Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce certification worth it?

Since digital marketing and e-commerce are high-growth and high-demand industry sectors with over 200,000 job roles available, a Google career certification in this field is more than worth it.

About 75% of certificate holders say that they have come across more career opportunities. Note that the average salary in this niche is approximately $50,000.

Is Google UX Design certification worth it?

Earn up to $92,000 in an entry-level UX design job when you get your skills in this field certified by Google.

Although the design job market is somewhat competitive, with under 100,000 available roles, you’ll have every chance of landing your desired UX design employment role if you’re committed, hard-working, and talented.

Which Google Certification Is Best?

Google’s IT certificates are the most popular. From the more basic IT support certificate to the highest paying certification for a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer, people tend to choose a career development or career change in the high-growth information technology industry.

Google offers many certifications in different subjects. The best Google career certification program for you is the one that will help you get that dream job in a specific industry niche.

So, in a nutshell, you’ll need to know what career path you want to take and build your skill set gradually by starting from the basics and moving on to a more advanced level course.

How Long Does It Take To Finish a Google Certificate?

Google career certifications can take up to 6 months to complete, depending on the type and complexity of the program. Commonly, the courses are self-paced, so it’s up to you how much time you spend studying and revising.

How Do You Prepare for a Google Certificate Course?

No previous experience or particular skills are required to enroll in most certification programs offered by Google unless you’re considering taking an advanced-level course.

You’ll need the motivation to commit to learning new skills and dedicate 5 to 10 hours a week to studying and completing practical tasks before passing the exam.

What Can You Do With a Google Certification?

Google certifications are useful in many ways. See what you can do with a Google career certificate:

  • Claim up to 12 credits towards your degree in several universities and colleges in the USA
  • Build on your specific Google certificate by additionally training and preparing for high-growth industries with specializations in partner universities.
  • Enroll in a next-level or related Google certification program after completing a beginner’s course in the same field.
  • Get an entry-level or high-paying job in selected in-demand industry sectors.

How Do You Add Google Certification to Your Resume?

Google certificates are shareable and can be added to your resume and profile on career advancement platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

You can also save the certificate to your drive as a PDF file and print it or attach it when sending your resume and other certifications to a potential recruiter.

Will a Google Certificate Help You Get a Job?

A Google professional certificate could help you get a job, as many companies are looking for candidates that hold specific certifications, be it in Google Analytics or Google Cloud computing.

Moreover, if you gain your Google certificate on Coursera, you can seek job opportunities and apply directly on their exclusive job platform.

It connects graduates of 6 popular Google career certification programs to 150+ companies that are members of the Google Employers Consortium.

Still, it’s worth pointing out that a Google certification will help you primarily get equipped with the right skills to land a job in specific in-demand industry sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a job with a Google certification alone?

While a Google certification can enhance your resume and provide you with valuable skills, it alone may not guarantee a job. It’s often considered beneficial in combination with other qualifications and relevant experience.

Are the certifications recognized by employers?

Yes, many employers recognize Google certifications as a valid demonstration of skills in specific areas such as IT support, marketing, data analytics, and UX design. However, recognition may vary across industries and companies.

Can I access Google certification courses for free?

Some courses may be available for free, while others may require payment. Financial assistance and free trials might also be available, depending on the platform and specific course.

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