15 Everyday Things That Keep People up at Night

Everyone has their fears, from sharks to skydiving to death. These fears are standard, but many people have other things that scare them that seem innocuous and commonplace. Just because something is widely accepted as normal doesn’t mean it can’t make some people’s blood run cold.

1. Rainy Driving

Driving in rain
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People drive in the rain daily, so it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? But it can be incredibly stressful and scary when the rain makes it difficult to see, and cars whiz past you going over 60 mph. It’s even worse at night! Many people say they find driving fear-inducing, in general, a common but scary activity.

2. Ladders

Climbing ladder to fix roof
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Many people have to mount ladders for their jobs daily, and their bravery shocks some. Not only does the idea of being on a ladder unsettle people, but even being near ladders, as they could fall, collapse, or someone could drop something from a high height and hurt a passerby.

3. Bolt Locks

Bolt Lock
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Bolt locks are a safety feature, helping keep intruders out. But if you’ve ever fought to open an old bolt lock, you know the panicked feeling of being trapped. Bolt locks can jam so easily that some people never dare to use them and just hope no one barges in on their bathroom time.

4. The Depths of the Ocean

Diver in sea
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While some of us delight in splashing around in the salty water or taking a boat ride out to open water, others find the ocean terrifying. Humans have only explored about 5% of the ocean, and the mysterious unknown is a big part of what scares people.

5. Closed Shower Curtains

Bathroom with closed Shower Curtains
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We’ve all seen at least one horror movie where the murderer leaps out behind the closed shower curtain. Some people feel uneasy entering a bathroom with a closed shower curtain because anything or anyone could hide there until you open it.

6. Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cooker
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Many people adore pressure cookers because they can quickly make something yummy that would otherwise take hours. However, opening the lid too soon or a faulty cooker can lead to severe injuries, making people weary every time they use it.

7. Deep-Frying

Deep frying
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From chicken fingers to French fries to mozzarella sticks and more, many delicious comfort foods come out of a deep-fryer, but that doesn’t make deep-frying things any less frightening. Hot oil can scald you, and even a drop of water in your fry oil can create a burst of oil. Plus, grease fires are challenging to put out.

8. Microwaves

Microwaved Broccoli
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This seemingly simple home appliance feels like a disaster waiting to happen for some people. You could start a fire if you accidentally put a little metal in it, whether part of a food wrapper or dishware detail. Not everyone feels safe having radiation in their homes.

9. Home Alone Showers

Man bathing
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If you live with others, you’re probably used to knowing they’re just outside the bathroom when you shower. But occasionally, they’re out and about when you need to wash up; your mind can play tricks, making you think you hear someone unwelcome shuffling around. The only way to find out is to get out of the shower and investigate, wrapped in nothing but a towel and soaking wet.

10. Elevators

People in elevator
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Some folks ride an elevator every day like it’s no big deal. Others are fearful whenever they step onto one of these metal death traps, just waiting to plummet ten stories down. Claustrophobic people hate elevators even more and will often avoid them at all costs, a.k.a. several flights of stairs.

11. Shots and Blood Tests

Boy getting flu vaccine
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It’s not uncommon for someone to get a flu shot or have some routine bloodwork done at the doctor’s office. However, this is an intense fear for some people, whether the needle unsettles them or the idea of seeing their blood makes them feel faint.

12. Horseriding

Horseback Riding
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Horses are beautiful creatures, but riding them seems unnecessarily risky to some people. After all, you’re mounting an animal and putting your life in its hooves. And videos of horses bucking and throwing people off their backs are horrifying.

13. Home Heaters

Home heating system
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Millions of people flip on their heating systems every winter so they don’t have to withstand the frigid air inside their houses. It sounds innocuous, but many home heating systems can be dangerous. They can cause electrical fires, floods, gas fires, and more, so not everyone enjoys touching their thermostat.

14. Electric Blankets

Heated Blanket
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Electric blankets sound like a cozy concept for a cold winter’s night, but some find them too risky. Imagine drifting off to sleep with a toasty blanket, and you wake up to flames in your lap! Layering up with sweaters and using several blankets might be better than risking an electrical fire.

15. Birds

Bird on branch
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When you stop to think about it, this fear is incredibly valid. People fear bugs, squirrels, rats, and many other small animals. But how they fly around and peck things makes them terrifying for some. If you’re already weary around birds, we recommend not watching Hitchcock’s The Birds; you’ll never go outside again.

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