Your Guide to the 25 States with the Lowest Property Tax Rates

I’ve seen a lot of content about the worst property taxes for 2024 already, but what about the best? Every penny counts now more than ever, so where can you own property and be less concerned about property taxes?

1. Hawaii (0.29%)

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Despite its high cost of living, which is a shocking 84% higher than the U.S. average, Hawaii offers an unexpectedly low effective tax rate of 0.29%. It’s a paradise for the stunning scenery, perfect climate, and wallet-friendly property taxes.

2. Alabama (0.43%)

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With an effective tax rate of 0.43%, Alabama combines affordable living with low property taxes. The state’s mix of cultural richness and economic practicality makes it an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. The housing market is 38% less expensive than the national average, and the cost of living is 13% lower, so you can see why it’s a solid choice for budget-conscious buyers.

3. Colorado (0.52%)

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Colorado, known for its breathtaking landscapes and dynamic cities, stands out with a property tax rate of just 0.52%. I was surprised to find that houses in Colorado are 21% higher than the U.S. average, though, which may offset any savings you make in lower property taxes.

4. Nevada (0.55%)

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More than just a hub for entertainment and conventions, Nevada boasts a homeowner-friendly tax rate of 0.55%. Its vibrant lifestyle and economic advantages make it an attractive state for homeowners seeking excitement and value. The housing prices, however, are 10% higher than the national median, and the cost of living is 1% higher.

5. Utah (0.57%)

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Utah, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offers a compelling tax rate of 0.57%. Its scenic beauty and slow-paced living appeal to those seeking a balanced, cost-effective lifestyle. Interestingly, the cost of living in Utah is 2% higher than the national average, but utilities are 7% lower.

6. South Carolina (0.58%)

South Carolina
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South Carolina, with its blend of affordability, pleasant climate, and an effective tax rate of 0.58%, is a gem for homeowners. Its rich history and charming cities like Charleston and Greenville add to its allure, as do the potential savings on the property, with prices 18% lower than the national average and a slightly lower cost of living, which is 6% cheaper than the median.

7. West Virginia (0.59%)

West Virginia
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West Virginia, often overlooked, stands out with a tax rate of 0.59%. The state offers affordable housing (19% lower than the national average), an 8% lower cost of living, and a welcoming community, making it a smart choice for economic practicality.

8. Arizona (0.60%)

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Arizona’s appeal extends beyond its sunny skies and vibrant culture, with a tax rate of 0.60%. While the state is bursting with natural beauty and has attractive property taxes, the cost of living is 6% higher, and the housing market is 20 times more costly than the median.

9. Wyoming (0.61%)

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Wyoming, steeped in a rich progressive history, offers a low tax rate of 0.61%. Its tranquil environment and commitment to historical values make it an attractive option. You’ll spend 8% less on the cost of living than the national average, housing prices will be 18% less, and you will save around 16% on utilities.

10. Delaware (0.62%)

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Delaware, known for its tax-friendly shopping, extends its economic benefits to real estate with a rate of 0.62%. The state’s strategic location and financial perks make it an ideal spot for homeowners. Be aware, though, that the cost of living here is 6% above the national average, which will offset some of the savings you make on property taxes.

11. Louisiana (0.62%)

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With its iconic cuisine and vibrant culture, Louisiana also shines in real estate tax appeal with a rate of 0.62%. The state’s unique culinary delights and economic practicality make it a flavorful choice for homeowners. While a 9% lower-than-average cost of living is nice, I was expecting it to be a little lower, to be honest. However, housing costs 17% less, and utilities are 13% lower than the norm, so it’s still a financially savvy place for homeowners.

12. Idaho (0.63%)

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Idaho is increasingly on the radar, with an attractive tax rate of 0.63%. Cities like Boise are emerging as sought-after locations, offering moderate home prices, below-average crime rates, and affordable property taxes. A 6% lower than average cost of living and 12% cheaper property market add to the attractiveness of Idaho.

13. Tennessee (0.65%)

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With its rich musical heritage and iconic cities, Tennessee is also appealing for its low property tax rate of 0.65%. Aside from the vibrant cultural scene, Tennessee’s cost of living is 11% less than the national average. You’d also benefit from 19% lower house prices and 6% lower utility costs.

14. Arkansas (0.66%)

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Arkansas is a hidden gem for those seeking a balance between affordable living and low property taxes, with a rate of 0.66%. Its cities, such as Little Rock, offer a relaxed lifestyle complemented by an evolving culinary scene, making it an excellent choice for food enthusiasts and families. It also has the third lowest cost of living of all 50 states, at 14% below the national average.

15. North Carolina (0.80%)

North Carolina
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North Carolinians enjoy the state’s appealing 0.80% property tax rate. North Carolina is an interesting mix of scenic mountains, beautiful beaches, and vibrant towns. It has a moderately low cost of living that’s 6% lower than the national average, while the housing market is 15% less. Cities like Asheville and Durham epitomize the state’s unique character and thriving culture.

16. Mississippi (0.81%)

North Carolina
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Mississippi, rich in cultural diversity, also stands out with a competitive property tax rate of 0.81% and an appealing housing market where prices are typically 32% lower than the national average. If you can handle the summer heat, you’ll find affordable living and a wealth of southern attractions that make the state an excellent choice for homeowners. Mississippi also ranks as the state with the lowest cost of living, at a whopping 15% lower than the median.

17. California (0.81%)

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California, known for its high cost of living, offers a surprisingly low property tax rate of 0.81%. This, coupled with its year-round great weather and vibrant lifestyle, adds a hidden financial advantage to living in the Golden State.

I was surprised to find California on this list, especially given that the cost of living is 42% higher than average and housing costs a staggering 101% more than the national average.

18. Virginia (0.83%)

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Steeped in history and known for its warm hospitality, Virginia offers a welcoming 0.83% property tax rate. The state’s diverse landscapes, from the Appalachian Mountains to lovely beaches, make it a perfect choice for families and history buffs. The state’s living costs hover just 1% over the national average.

19. Indiana (0.83%)

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Indiana represents the best of traditional American values, modern living, and friendly communities, all tied together with a homeowner-friendly property tax rate of 0.83%. The state’s cost of living is 9% lower than average, and the 20% lower housing costs make Indiana a financially attractive state.

20. Montana (0.83%)

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Montana, the “Big Sky State,” is famous for its stunning landscapes and craft beer scene. With a property tax rate of 0.83%, it offers an attractive proposition for those willing to brave its cold winters in exchange for beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. The cost of living is just 1% higher than the median, and house prices are up 4% on the national average.

21. New Mexico (0.84%)

New Mexico
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Known for its role as a backdrop in popular TV shows, New Mexico offers more with its 0.84% property tax rate. The state’s affordability and rich cultural scene, combined with its 5% lower cost of living, 8% cheaper housing market, and 10% less costly utilities, make it a compelling choice for homeowners.

22. Kentucky (0.89%)

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Kentucky, often misunderstood, is actually a state full of charm and vitality, evident in cities like Louisville. With a property tax rate of 0.89%, it offers an inviting environment for those who appreciate the essence of American culture and history. For budget-conscious homeowners, Kentucky is a solid option, with houses costing 23% less than the national average and the cost of living being 8% less than the norm.

23. Florida (0.89%)

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Florida is not just for retirees; its 0.89% property tax rate makes it an attractive choice for people of all ages. This is another one that surprised me. I expected property taxes to be higher here. I was also expecting the cost of living to be way above average, but surprisingly, it’s only 1% above average, and the housing market is only 4% higher.

24. Oregon (0.92%)

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Oregon, nestled in the Pacific Northwest, combines natural splendor with a favorable property tax rate of 0.92%. Places like Bend showcase the state’s renowned craft brewery scene, adding to its allure. I always fancied buying property in Oregon, so I was dismayed when I saw the cost of living is 22% higher than the national average and the housing market is a staggering 56% higher.

25. Washington (0.93%)

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Washington State, Oregon’s northern neighbor, celebrates natural beauty. With a property tax rate of 0.93%, it offers residents the chance to enjoy its stunning landscapes, from forests to coastlines, while maintaining financial comfort. But be aware that the cost of living here is 16% higher than the median, and housing prices are 28% higher than average.

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