Fools Gold: Resist These “Irresistible” Purchases That Will Drain Your Wallet

In retrospect, it’s easy to realize how pointless some of life’s most frivolous expenditures were. There is a wide variety of “dumb” spending that can deplete our bank accounts and cause us to second-guess our financial judgment, from costly purchases to impulsive shopping selections. Check out the spending that some forum members regard to be foolish.  

Expensive Vehicles

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  Some people tend to place high-priced automobiles ahead of more critical financial commitments like mortgage payments, a glaring example of wasteful spending. These people must spend more than they can afford each month on their cars, which is a major problem. People with low incomes who waste a sizable chunk of their money on flashy cars cause their budgets to become severely stressed due to the high cost of the monthly payments.  

Number Plates

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  It is incredible to see people like the Fuscos, who have been collecting license plates for almost two decades and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a single plate. An extreme example of this trend is the $410,000 paid at one time for a license plate number. 20 in Delaware, as pointed out by one user.  


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  While many people buy a few tickets to indulge their fantasies and feel a part of the thrill, others spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the lottery each week in the vain hope of becoming millionaires overnight.  

Fancy Water

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  Many varieties of water exist, each proclaiming its superiority. Spending more for water that serves the same hydrating purpose as cheaper options is not wise financially. Despite its pricey marketing, fancy bottled water may not be significantly better for you in terms of either taste or health.  

Phone Ringtones

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  Why would anyone need to buy a ringtone when so many devices already have many to choose from? In addition, you may find a wide variety of apps and websites that offer downloadable ringtones for no cost. It’s wasteful and useless to pay for ringtones when there are plenty of free ones.  

Yearly Christmas Decorations

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  Christmas decorations are often only used for a short time each year. While it’s fair to desire to change the design or add some new pieces, buying new decorations yearly may not provide significant value for the short time they’re on display.  


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  In the words of one user, it’s a rag full of untruths and lies about individuals you don’t know. Nothing these people say or do will ever have any bearing on you because you will never be a part of their lives. It’s puzzling that people would pay for something that takes time and energy away from reading or researching matters that can contribute to personal growth, education, or broader societal issues.  

Car Modifications

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  Poorly made changes might jeopardize your vehicle’s safety and endanger you and others on the road. Inadequately installed performance enhancements, for example, can impair braking, steering, or stability, resulting in dangerous situations. One person suggests spending the money to get another car. If the changes are not correctly done or are of poor quality, they may create additional wear and tear on your vehicle and increase maintenance costs.  


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  Paying to have them active on your phone regularly is unethical, but a one-time price is understandable. Spending money on a weekly or monthly top-ten song for a ringback tone is useless. You spend without offering significant value in return, given that many people receive multiple daily calls—far too much pain for relatively short-lived enjoyment.  

Cable Modem Rental

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  You will not own the modem if you choose to rent one. This implies that you are at the mercy of whatever modem your ISP provides, regardless of its reliability, brand, or features. Depending on who your internet service provider is, you may not have access to the most cutting-edge or flexible options. If you rent, the cable company may assure you, “Well, if something happens to the modem, we will replace it.” I’ve never had a cable modem fail,” one user who fell for the marketing ploy says. Buy one instead; it costs you much less in the long run.  

Dog Wedding

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  As dogs have no concept of marriage or weddings, they do not need such a ritual while forming relationships with one another or interacting socially. A dog wedding might not have any lasting impact on the lives of the dogs or their human companions, but it would make for a cute photo op.  

Rush Shipping

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  The costs associated with urgent shipping can sometimes be avoided by planning. Make a mental note to shop early if you need to order presents that must be delivered by a specific date.  

Unneeded Purchases 

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  Whether it’s the temptation of free delivery, buy-one-get-one bargains, or offers like “buy two, get the third free,” people frequently buy things they don’t need or desire. If you have to spend more to save on something you don’t truly need, it’s not saving.  

Bad Health Habits

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  Lowering our consumption of non-essential pleasures can benefit our health and finances. Reducing the amount of drinks and junk we consume and declining unneeded extras goes a long way toward keeping more money with you.  

Credit Card Cost

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  Time is of the essence when it comes to your finances. Be a star performer and pay off your balance in full each month before the interest monster awakens. If you’re being held hostage by high-interest credit card payments, it’s time to put on your detective hat and see other options. Look around for a credit card with lower interest rates.